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Getting to Know You - November 13


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you musy mean Be kind to someone today. I'll be nice and chaffeur my roomie to his new job at RuthsChris this afternoon after schoola nd host my CHat tonite Here with all my friends!!!!!! :lol::lol: Oh and I am the KING of my castle!! :wink:

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Tonight after work I will help my procrasting 14 year old son do his weather report that was assigned 5 weeks ago and is due TOMORROW that he hasn't even started yet. Someone please tell me that at some point before he graduates that he will stop being lazy when it comes to school. lol He frustrates me, but he sure could be causing me a lot worse problems at this age than the fact that he doesn't like school. So for that I am grateful.


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Today I took two of my neighbors shopping for our Bingo prizes. We also had lunch and one of my neighbors bought my lunch. They always want to compensate me for the gas when I take them somewhere. I enjoy going as much as they do. I love their company.

Seems like now I am doing for free what I did for a living.I drive them places and listen to their sorrows and give a hand when I can. I have to admit I like it this way a lot more than when I was working but I do miss my clients and my boss.

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I'm a day late, as usual.

What started out as an act of kindness on my part, has turned into a lesson for me.

There's a young girl in my class that has led an extremely hard life. (Drug abuse, prostitution, having her baby taken away from her, you name it.)

She's trying so hard to turn her life around though.

Others in the class were kind of shunning her, and it made me upset. People are so quick to judge each other just on appearences.

She doesn't have a car, and our school is about 15 miles away from her house (and mine), so I've been giving her a ride home every day.

I've learned that there's always someone who "has it worse", or that is going thru such hard times, that I couldn't even imagine what thier lives must be like.

To see her putting her "all" into changing things , is humbling to me.... and she's actually a very, very sweet person.

So maybe she's showing ME an act of kindness, and not the other way around! :wink:

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