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Alabama Governor Proclaims Nov. Lung Cancer Awareness Month


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Lung Cancer Awareness Month

By the Governor of the State of Alabama

A Proclamation

November 13, 2007

WHEREAS, Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in both men and women in the United States; and

WHEREAS, Lung cancer takes the lives of more Americans each year than breast, prostate, colon, liver, kidney cancers combined; and

WHEREAS, former smokers and people who have never smoked comprise the majority of new cases of lung cancer each year; and

WHEREAS, seventy percent of new lung cancer cases will be diagnosed at late stage, with a fifteen percent five year survival rate; and

WHEREAS, early lung cancer diagnosis and management protocols exist, yet have not been embraced as the standard of care; and

WHEREAS, funding for lung cancer research falls far short of that for other less fatal diseases; and

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Bob Riley, Governor of Alabama, do hereby proclaim November 2007, as Lung Cancer Awareness Month in the State of Alabama and urge all citizens of our State to do all we can to make lung cancer a national public health priority and offer compassion to people with lung cancer.

Given Under My Hand and the Great Seal of the Office of the Governor at the State Capitol in the City of Montgomery on the 13th day of November 2007.

Governor Bob Riley

http://www.governorpress.alabama.gov/pr ... cancer.asp

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