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Neuropathy/muscle soreness


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Still on the subj. of neuropathy with question. Christine's article was very informative. My question....muscle weakness/wasting...I notice when I walk my legs and lower back muscles become very sore since I developed neuropathy. Is this part of neuropathy? No matter how much I walk, the soreness is always there. I never got sore like this before and I have always walked lots. So besides the numbness and tingling and sometimes painful, but not really bad pain except for the muscles being so very sore and weak.

love and prayers for all...Sally

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I don't know if that is a yes or no question, but you could very well have back issues or lower back problems. (sorry not trying to add more to your plate)! Have you talked this over with your doctor's? Have you seen a Neruologist?

Hope your feeling better soon. I have lower back pain and it's not fun. But it's not neuropathy.

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Yes I have had 2 back surgeries with fusion, battery, wires, nuts and bolts in my back. But the MRI done 2 weeks ago shows no sign of nerve involvement, spinal problem or cancer in the lower back. I have walked lots and never had this problem before until surgery and chemo. And since the neuropathy, I thought maybe that would be the cause. I also seem to be dropping things...today my bowl of ice cream with caramel and hot fudge on it all over the carpet...duhhhh but never fear there was more after I cleaned up the mess with the help of my dog :)

Thanks for the comments...Sally

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