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We beat Our Goal by a LOT!! So proud of everyone!!


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A lot of why this overwhelms me so much is the fact that all major tobacco companies call North carolina, their headquarters. I kow where most all of them are too. in winston salem and greensboro. Thats why I am so amazed at this show of support for Lung cancer funding..Thanks again for everything.

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YAHOOO for LungStrong 5K Charlotte!!!!

We're really excited about exceeding our goal. Not bad for a first year effort!!! Thank you all again for all your support.

Remember, everyone's invited to join us This SATURDAY the 17th!!! I'll get plenty of pictures, and I'm looking forward to finally meeting RANDY!!! Hope to see you there!! Ellie

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Recieved this note from the organizer of the Charlotte walk a thon today...


Thank you so much for your help in raising awareness of Lung Cancer and participating in the 1st annual LungStrong 5K. We had over 500 Walkers/Runners and raised very close to $70,000 for Lung Cancer research! We could not have done this without your support!!!

Please visit www.lungstrong.com to see results, pictures and even a few short movies from this years event.

If you are interested in group runs and walks in the North Charlotte area then visit www.runstrong.org/grouprun.htm We meet every Thursday evening and every Saturday morning. Walkers, Runners of every size and pace are encouraged to come out!!

Hope to see you soon,

Eddie David


North Carolina is Headquarters fo all major tobacco companies and ahs been for years. politics here revolves around the tobacco industry and I know this to be true to the fact that the industry would be hurt by many things in the Federal government and are shot down by local representatives who support the topbacco industry and economy....

Very proud on everyone who showed up and is not even affected by Lc but wants to support the cause!!!!!

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Thanks for posting this Randy!!!

I was really surprised that the figure had grown to $70,000. Yahooooooo!!!

In our booming town of Mount Airy, today (finally) there was an article about Lung Cancer Awareness Month in North Carolina. I had to practically do a "sit in" at the newspaper's office the other day, but LUNGevity Foundation's fantastic source of statistics really made a difference. Bravo to all those folks who provide us with ammunition!!! Ellie

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