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Do I need to be Freaking out?


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I posted this in Small Cell...with little response yet, so I thought I would put it here. Please, if it is bad news, I still want to know....we need to be on top of it...

Dad hasn't been feeling well...just tired and down and out. Today he coughed up blood - not a large amount, but enough that they decided to go ahead and go to the emergency room.

There they did a chest x-ray to find a ton of scar tissue left over from radiation, and a bit of pneumonia.

He has not had any trouble in so long. Do I need to be worried here? Did anyone recurrence start this way?

Tomorrow they will call Mayo to let the onc know of what happened, but in the mean time, I am freaking out.



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Oh Jen,

Don't worry! My Fathers came back very fast and it was nothing like that at all. Of course my Dad had that sodium issue and that was our biggest clue all the time that he was slurring words, shuffling his feet, just out of it.

Of course if he has pneumonia, this would cause fatigue. Don't get ahead of yourself. My Dad always said, "one step at a time!"

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Hi Jen,

My mum coughed up blood whilst having her second round of chemo and I freaked out. Oncologist was not concerned and it simply stopped after a couple of weeks.

I would suspect the tiredness would be from the pneumonia.

Please try not to worry too much although I know this is often impossible - especially after a decent run of good health.

I am thinking of you and wishing you lots of positive vibes !

God bless


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