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Anyone also dealing with COPD?


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Mom is starting feel the effects of hers... It took a backburner 7 years ago when we found out about the cancer at the same time, but now she's having trouble breathing, tires easily..

She had a breathing test today. Her pulm. put on her Spireva. (sp?) I hope it helps. She's just not herself anymore.. :(


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Are you sure it's her COPD that is causing her SOB and tiredenss? Heart issues can cause the same sypmtoms. I have COPD also and have for 12 years, although they tell me it's very mild. I've never had any COPD problems a of this date. My one lung is fine for the most part.

Radiation and chemo are hard on the heart and can cause long term side effects. I know only to well for I am living it today. All my heart doc's say it's because of radiation damage and from my chemo.

I'm not trying to scare you, but it's something you might want to have checked if your not sure it's the COPD.

Is your mom still on Tarceva? I'm a little confused at your profile, because you say she went off it and now it looks like she's back on it? Could it be the Tarceva if she is still on it. I know that can cause SOB and Fatigue.

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Hi Connie, thank you for the info. She had a breathing test yesterday to be sure. I will mention the heart issue to her today. She just started the Tarceva a few days ago for the second time, so it's not that, the breathing issue has been going on for longer than that.

Her doctor also said it could have something to do with her hiatal hernial making it difficult to breathe.

So much to deal with... :(


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Spireva is taking the place

of Combivent since a few months,

it is easy to take, don't let her

forget the rinsing of her mouth after

taking the pump.

Many kind of pumps could help her,

just watch and if the results

are slow stronger medication

could help.


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Mom's breathing test shows 'severe copd'. :( I pray that new spireva inhaler helps. I think I'm getting depressed, so much going on. My mom wants to feel like her old self again and I want her back so bad I can't stand it sometimes.

Thanks for your prayers for my family.

ps my uncle has now requested Oxygen. And he keeps getting dizzy and noone cares enough to find out why. I don't understand these doctors.

I put my trust in Him, the Great Physician.


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