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6 years and counting!


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Well folks I've made it another year.....6 years since dx, what a milestone.

I've lived to see my daughter meet and marry the the man of her (and our :wink::lol: ) dreams, helped raise over one quarter of a million dollars for lc research, moved again (!) and taken several wonderful trips.

Along the way I've met some terrific new friends who have supported me along with my old friends, I'm truly blessed. I've found out who can be counted on in a crunch and sadly who the lightweights are, not always the ones you expect but I've learned to live with it and love them anyway.

This was not a journey I wanted or enjoyed at the outset and I can't say that I have had any kind of life changing epiphany. I gained a lot of knowledge that I would rather not have.....but, I have survived and thrived and shall continue to fight for survival.

It's too early to raise a glass with a real drink so I think I'll go have some juice and coffee, will you all join me later in a celebration?


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It's after 7:00am here, Geri, so I think I can find something to raise in your honor........juice MAY be in it :roll: !!!! Big time congratulations on your amazing 6 years (all your other years too)!!!!!I feel fortunate to have met you along this journey and hope to be part of your army of friends for many years to come. This is a great way to start my day!!!!


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Go Geri! :DGo Geri! :DGo Geri! :D I just got home and I am going to raise a glass of red wine in your honor! (it's got reservatrol-fights cancer-so it's medicinal as well as celebratory).

You are truly fantastic Geri. I am very proud to know you.


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