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hi new here


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hi im 33 and my husband is 38 , he was diagnosed 2 years ago and has had chemo and radiopherapy without much change to the tumor but no growth untill now.

A few months ago he started to feel tired and started coughing since january he has lost about 5 stone but it has been a slow loss not quick and he had cut out all bad foods and beer so we could justify it .

Last week he started getting tummy pains and had to go to hospital as they wondered if it was an ulcer. A ct showed the tumor had spread and from a previouse scan we iknew it had grown but never knew it had spread.

Well we now feel as we did 2 years ago like our world has come crashing down.But the difference is we did feel like this 2 years ago and 2 years here we are still to tell the sory so thats posotive. Steve my husband is getting stronger everyday mentally and physiclly as this disease has not changed our lives atall in the last 2 years we carried on as normal ,there had been no stays in hospital no infections ,we have been very very lucky .So this little hurdle wont change us its just a bleep.We are off to oncologist to arange next lot of chemopherapy so i will update you all later.

steve is 38, 2 years ago 3 inch tumor found wrapped round bronchi and in right lung,small nodes in left lung

biopsis were all inconclusive then they diagnosed him.

inoperable incurable they said.

chemo started novemeber 2005 -may 2006

radiopherapy may 2006

novemeber 2007 nodes in behind the bowle and a small mass found .

treatment to comence shortly.

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Amanda welcome to the board. As you see there are many caring people on here.

I am sorry his LC has spread. I hope they can start treatments for him soon.

You guys have great attitudes and that is half the battle. Never Give UP!!!

We are always here for you. We have walked in your shoes be it the victim or the caregiver. So we know what you are going through,

Keep that positive attitude... and keep us posted on his progress and treantments.


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Welcome, Amanda. Your positive attitude is wonderful. I think it's important. It sounds as tho. you are working hard to remain positive. Keep it up. I've had your experience. A year and a half after my first surgery, the cancer returned in the other lung. We were devastated :cry: But, 3 years later I'm still around and cancer free (at least for the moment.) After you see the oncologist, please let us know what your husband's treatment plan will be.


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Thankyou for all your responses.

Well yesterday evening went really well , i could even say fantastically well.

The oncologist said what spread there is in the abdomen area is minimal he was very upbeat about the next lot of treatment and has sorted that out for next friday . I drank a bottle of cava to myself to celebrate the news.

So no things dont seem so bleak , sounds silly doesnt it as the lung cancer is still there and it has started to grow slightly but to know its very minimall secondaries is such good news.

I dragged him round the shops today ,well he had no choice as i was pushing him in a wheelchair first time his done the xmas shopping with me so was a lovely day.

Love and prayers to you all.


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I'm sorry your husband is having to go through this.

Do you know what type of lung cancer he has, and what stage he is? It's also helpful with you could share what kind of chemo's he has had so far. It's helpful for us to get as much information as we can, to better help you. Has he ever had a PET scan or even a bone scan? (you can look at my profile below and get an idea of how more information is helpful to us.) :wink:

I wish you both all the very best. Keep us posted.

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