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My mom was recently dx

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Welcome Lyn,

Actually I answered quite extensively a while ago and then my computer said 'good-bye' and away went the post. What I essentially said was that I know MANY pancoast tumors, some right hore at LCSC, and we are ALL nonsmall cell ~ NOT small cell extensive or otherwise. I've never heard of that.

So I suggest you double check and get back to us with more info. It's difficult to offer any guidance because I'm confused over the dx.

Now that all being said, let me offer you a warm welcome along with support to you and your mother. I'll be looking for your update with clarification on the dx. Pancoast tumors are rare but treatable.....in many cases operable too. Hope that turns out to be the case for you guys.


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Well I am sure of the dx. She has a large tumor in the upper right lung. I went with her to the Oncologist appointment. He said it was a Pancoast tumor and that is was small cell extensive. That it was inoperable but they could treat it with chemo. They do not have the pet scan back yet do see if it has spread. They have ordered mri? of the brain and spine.

She had her first chemo treatment yesterday and did not have any problems other than being tired so hopefully she is not hit with bad symptoms but only time will tell :roll:

Thanks for the support

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