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Having a chemo port installed...

Guest hearrean

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Guest hearrean

If everyone recalls, I will be able to have my chemo treatments locally here in my home-town. I was notified today by the local facility that they want to schedule me to have a port installed on the 26th. The facilitator told me this will eliminate the need to re-stick me each week & also prevent vein burning which can happen with Chemo. She said this procedure is done under General Anesthesia. I asked her that since I was planning on continuing to work during treatments, would this port be able to be seen by others or would my shirt cover it up. She said I would have no problem hiding it. I would love to hear from anyone about their experiences with ports. Is what she told me basically true? And is there any pain with the port after the procedure? Is there, in fact, an advantage in having one over just the standard IV?


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Mine is the double chamber type, about 1-1/2 by 1 inches, located about 6 inches below the top of my shoulder, and the skin is raised slightly (maybe 3/16 inch) compared to the surrounding area. It's not visible under any of my shirts, and I no longer enter wet T-shirt contests. :lol:

There was slight soreness in the shoulder for a week, not much more than I have with the annual flu shot. For the implantation, I asked for local anesthesia instead of general, and there was no hesitation by the surgeon or anesthesiologist. Took about 15 minutes, and since there was no recovery to do in the recovery room, the only delay there was waiting for the guy with the portable x-ray machine to verify placement.

It's the way to go! Aloha,


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Most chemo nurses recommend ports because they are easier for them to access instead of playing around with veins. My husband resisted getting a port, didn't like any surgery and did 30 infusions without one. He then started a chemo that might damage veins and tissue, so he was forced to get one. He loved it!! Wished he had gotten one far earlier. They used it the day after it was installed. His did stick up rather high and I always kidded him that he had a little buddy hanging out below his collarbone. The less meat on your bones, the more it will stick up or maybe they use different types. It never showed under his polo shirts though.

Good luck! I know how nervous you must be heading toward your first treatment, but you'll become a pro soon and think nothing of treatment days. Remember, treatment means you are fighting the cancer and that is a good thing! :)

Oh, and Patkid is right, suck on a lemon drop or something. It's weird how the prep flush taste pops into your mouth. :shock:


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I can't imagine having chemo without a port! I had mine for almost 4 years. (I didn't want it taken out in case I needed chemo again.) I've had chemo in 3 different offices. The first recommended Emla creme. I think you need a prescription for it. The second injected a local anesthetic before accessing the port. The third froze the spot with a spray. All three worked. You might want to find out what your doctor's office does.


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