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Roger C

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I have been off treatments now for about 15 months. Has anyone here that has been off treatment for a while have problems with appetite. I do eat three meals a day, but I have take it or leave type of attitude. I feel bloated all the time. Wish I could eat like I use to. Just curious.

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I feel like a broken record bringing up this heart stuff, but here goes:

The cardiologist asked me if I felt bloated and if I had an appetite, if my lets were swollen, if I had SOB and so on and so on and so on. My point is this, bloat and appetite, fatigue, can also be related to heart. I'm learning so much about this heart stuff! :roll: (lung is so much easier then the heart)! :wink:

Hate to add to the list of health issues, but it's nice to know some of this stuff ahead of time.

Best of Luck. I hope it's just a slow delayed reaction from your chemo. I honsetly can't remember how long after I completed my chemo did my appetite come back. I didn't lose to much of it though.

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