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Gratitude - November 16th 2007


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First snow storm of the


Grateful today for the

right combination of

pain medication that

takes a big chunk of the

pain away, started walking

last night and will put

Mike's wheelchair away for

now with the snow would be

better with a sleigh.

Grateful for the family feeling

this forum offers us.

We are able to express so many

of out feelings without shame

and we can rant and know somebody

will understand.

Have a good day and Tomorrow

the week end will be there for



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I am grateful that JC has a bit of relief from pain.

I am grateful that my job has not gone away yet, I have to remember how many of my co workers are less fortunate and not complain of the miserable changes and benefit reductions.

Thanks for the reminder to be grateful

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I'm also grateful that J.C. has found some relief from pain.

I'm grateful that we are hearing from some old friends that we haven't heard from in a while...like Pat and Bunny.

After a week like I've had at work, I'm very grateful that today is Friday!!!

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I am also thankful for JC pain subsiding and for hearing from Pat and Bunny and that Ry has friends that are there for her.

I am thankful that it is Friday...and away for work for the weekend.

Iam going to Maryland tomorrow for a baby shower which I am thankful for as my niece is 38 years old pregnant with her first child. She had 3 miscarrages and is now in her 7th month.

Bless you all,

Maryanne :wink:

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