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Phone buddy request- please read- UPDATED


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Hello LCSC members,

We have a member, dx. is (Large Cell w/neudoecrine features) staged at IIIa. He is looking for a phone buddy.

He seeks a fellow survivor who has similar dx., or SMALL CELL LC to share experiences and support.

He also has a flat rate calling plan so he can do most of the calling to where ever (USA) .

He is located in TX, but because of his calling plan, you need not be in the same area.

If you are interested in being a phone buddy and meet this members needs as listed above, PLEASE pm me with your details and I will pm you back with more details.

Thanks so much in advance for stepping up.

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I've changed the specifics as his dx. is treated similarly to small cell so this should broaden the pool.

Please PM me if you'd like to be a phone buddy, i really need your help.


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I don't know if this will be helpful for people to know, but I found a website that talks about

(neuroendocrine tumors). I have to say, I learned something by reading this, and didn't know anything about these tumors before now.

Here is the webpage: http://www.healthline.com/galecontent/n ... e-tumors-1

I hope this will help find this person a PHONE BUDDY!

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Hi Katie-I PM'd this person last week-I know I am not the one with the cancer but I have spoken to him. I don't think my Mom is ready yet but I will speak to her about it. I don't think she considers herself a "survivor" yet-even though I tell her constantly she is.


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I wish Harry would step up and do this, because I know it would help him as much as the other person.

He won't talk about his situation though, so that's useless.

If the person just wants to talk, I would be happy to be a phone buddy. I also have unlimited long distance.

Regardless, I'll be including him in my prayers.


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