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Surgery again (update 11/20/07)

Connie B

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Hi Friends,

Well, my appointment at the (Cardiac)Surgeon's yesterday went relatively well. Dr. Kenneth Liao is his name. Our friend KatieB (bless her heart) Goggled him and said he looks VERY GOOD ON PAPER! And has no complaints from patients. :wink: So having said that, I'm headed back for my 4th open heart (through the chest) :roll: surgery sometime in mid-December.

My mitral valve needs to be replaced and he said he would do that with a Mechanical Valve rather then a Pig Valve. In my case the Mechanical Valve is the better choice for me.

Then I have another blockage which he would also like to fix via by-pass, (IF time permits) while he is in there doing the valve. (If not, he said he can fix that at a later date down the road via stent) The main fixing issue is the Valve.

The risk factor for me in doing this surgery isn't my heart, but rather it's my one lung. (my one lung has been very good to me over the last 12+ years, and I'm praying it will hold up one more time)

He felt my heart tissue was strong, but my lung does have a lot of scaring and two small patches of emphysema that he was concerned about being the risk problems. He is going to talk with my Pulmonologist. He also is going to talk to the Surgeon at Mayo because he wants to better understand what the complications were that they had at my last surgery.

He's still gathering data.

He said this is a complicated case, but not one he would back down from. (most doc's would) Maurie asked him what my odds were and he said, 90/10. The 90 is FOR me and the 10 is Against. HE also said he doesn't like working with a 10% - factor. He usually works with 5 or less %. But, assured us this could/should be done. He also said, it had to be done for me to live longer. Non the less, we thought those were fantastic odds on my behalf! We were expecting 50/50 or 60/40 something like that, being I've been told over & over & over, I'm really not a good candidate for another surgery. (But this is not without risks) :roll:

I will meet with him again in two weeks after he gets ALL the info he wants, then we will set up the surgery day within a few days after the next meeting.

He appeared very confident in his decision to do this. And he gave me hope that this could be done and I am a strong young lady that has a good chance of pulling through this.

The surgery would take about 6 hours he said. He does not want to keep me on the heart/lung machine for more then 2 hours during the surgery. So, he has a 2 hour window he needs to work within. He's hopeful to get the by-pass done as well.

So, long story short and trying to explain this in laymen's terms, this is what the plan is at this time.

My biggest concern was Maurie, being he is going to be the one to take care of me (AGAIN) Bless his HUGE, WONDERFUL HEART! Hand and Hand here we going again!

We're okay with the plan. Like all surgeries, I wish this was behind me but, it will be fine and all will be fixed! HOOORAY!!!! And I'll be able to do all the normal things I use to do after this is fixed. I'll be able to BREATH AGAIN! (YIPPEE)

I'll keep everyone in tune as to what will be next.

Love & Hugs To All,


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Connie, I didn't know you had another surgery coming up. Sorry about that. Hope the surgeon can work fast enough to get everything done at one time. Let us know the date, etc. We'll send prayers, positive thoughs, whatever you'd like (not money, or expensive cars, however).


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Wow Connie!!!! Your surgeon sounds like a wonderful guy! He sounds positive and very encouraging. You ARE a strong young woman.....I agree. I am so hopeful that your breathing will improve. Are you planning on wearing your party hat again???? I will wear one here in your honor. Can't wait to hear more details after your next appointment. Like always, there will be many prayers for the very best outcome. I rthink we need to have a pep rally right before.....what do you think????

((((HUGS)))) ~ many more than usual.


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The odds are in your favor, your doc sounds confident and you have Maurie at your back-- sounds good to me. Now heart surgery is no picnic so get yourself pumped up and ready so you're able to enjoy the holiday season. I am sending you good thoughts.


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I can't believe how much you have gone through and now another surgery! You are a rock star! I'm sending all my best wishes for great success that you'll be taking deep breaths again very soon. I know how troubling this has been for you.

In my book, any Doc that calls you "a strong young lady" is a keeper! :lol:



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Your doctor sounds wonderful and so does his plan. I love the way he is checking with your other doctors to get all of the information that he needs to make sure that you have a successful surgery. You will be starting the new year with renewed vitality and health.


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One small problem....... I'm really scared on this one!!! My tummy is in knots. I know it will get better, but I really am scared this time around. My gut tells me I might not make it back here. But then if that happenes I go with my mom, dad, son, sister, grandpa, on the OTHER side. So I don't really have anything to lose. This too shall pass. Just having one of those moments. :(:roll::wink:

I'm going to wear my Party Hat into surgery, along with a Rose in my mouth and a HUGE SMILE on my face and say, "Lets go boys and girls, lets have a party and when we're done at the party, make sure someone brings the partier(that would be me) home! They all have to put there dancing shows on, and there magical fingers on for this one. :wink:

I'm doing fine! It will be what it will be. I am going to decorate my house with Christmas decorations all over the house this year before I leave for surgery. I LOVE CHRISTMAS!!!!!

Talk to you all soon.

Love & Hugs,


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My dear friend....so sorry to hear about another operation...dang!!!! but knowing you kiddo...you are an old hat at this...and don't you worry your lung will be good to you...and you will come thru with flying colors...hope they could get it done all at once...Your doc sounds great and has given you wonderful odds...but heck...we all know that

BTW...my bother in law just had a mitro valve replacement and is doing wonderful...back to his old self after a few weeks and ornery as ever...

Best of luck to you dear...you know my prayers will be with you as always...


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