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Surgery again (update 11/20/07)

Connie B

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God Bless you All for your love and support. I will know next week the date of my surgery. Mid December is all I know for now!

I did talk to my Pulmonogist yesterday (who has been my Pulm Doc for the last 12+ years and knows me inside and out!) :wink: And he said, He see's NO reason why my lung won't hold up through another surgery.

They never had problems with it in any of the past surgeries and they shouldn't with this one either.

He tends to get upset sometimes with Cardiologist's because they always want to put the blame on my (one lung). Not to mention when I had my last open heart surgery Jan 2006 they had complications and it was because of my heart. They couldn't get it to start up again. :shock: But, somehow it did, and the doctor said, that was good enough for him and they closed me up. :D (yes they did fix the problems first)!

Well, none the less, I am doing okay with this. I honestly am looking forward to not having this Shortness of Breath anymore! :D It's not fun when you can't breathe and your so limited because of it. So, good things are a comin!

Thank you all again. God Bless Us All!

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you'll get through it just fine connie. We all know it and we're all praying to make sure of it. You'll also get past this little bump in feeling nervous. Once the giggly juice kicks in, you'll be just like Jack, "you ready to rock and roll". Best of luck.

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Hi Connie….Gee willikers….you have already been through so much, what a trooper you are and such an inspiration to all of us. You let us know the date in Dec. and we will all be on our knees storming heaven with prayers for you and trusting in God for a good outcome and a speedy recovery. We all need you here, you’re a big part of this group always there for us and we will be there for you. I keep saying we here, guess I just kinda feel like we are one family in this group. You’re a real fighter and you will win this battle too. With God on your side you can’t lose! Special hugs and strong prayers…Sally

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