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Mom's new treatment plan


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Well the first dose of chemo went well. She had her blood counts checked Wed. and they were great!! She and her oncologist spoke with the lady at UT Southwestern who handles the clinical trials (was actually mom's oncologist's teacher). She believes that mom would really benefit from concurrent chemo and radiation. Basically saying, she's young and healthy, let's hit it with everything we can. So, mom starts radiation treatments (everyday for 6 weeks) on 11/27, the day after her next chemo appointment. I have a very positive feeling about this. I was wondering why no one had really mentioned radiation, other then to say it might be a possibility after she finishes chemo. The new treatment feels more proactive to me.

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"KatieB"]Is this UTSW in Dallas? Is the onc. Dr. Joan Schiller?

Yes and Yes :D . Mom's primary oncologist is Dr. Rao @ Baylor Plano.

I'd love to do the walk tomorrow, unfortunately, my husband is flying in from a week long trip to WV, and I have to pick him up from the airport.

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