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Lung Cancer in the Nov. Nursing 2003

Donna G

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The mail man had come when I got home from St. Paul visiting Connie. He delivered my nursing magazine "Nursing 2003" low and behold the cover story is "Get the lowdown on Lung Cancer" p36 I just read the article , it was written by Kristen M. Kreamer, nurse practitioner in thoracic oncology ambulatory care at Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia , Pa. Most of it is not news to many of us who have been on the front line for a while. She did not mention this was lung cancer awareness month, it did give Alcase web site. One thing interesting she said was " The rate of lung cancer among nonsmokers, pariticularly young women, is increasing, although the reason is unclear. "' and also" Recent studies have linked increased lung cancer rates in cities to air pollution. Genetic factors may increase susceptiblity . Researchers are currently investigating whether nutritional substances, such as vitamin A or selenium, have a positive or negative influence on lung cancer risk."

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Someone else posted the question about Estrogen and HRT. This maybe another possible reason that rate of non-smoking women getting LC is rising. I know my mom was on HRT and a non-smoker.

This is only one case obviously, but I guess the answer will come after a few years

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