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Max L

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Well, along with my prostate support group it appears that I may qualify to join this lung cancer support group. Got the final biopsy results, no thanks to my doctor who has known for a few days, but has chosen not to tell me until next Tuesday. The final diagnoses on the report shows left upper lobe, core biopsy: Non-small cell carcinopa, Morphology and immunoprofile are consistent with primary non-small cell carcinoma of the lung. There is positive TTF and CK7 immunostaining of the neoplastic cells. PSA and CK20 immunostains are negative.

Since I have not talked to a doctor yet, I really do not know for certain what all this means, though it does appear to be lung cancer and I do not think it is metastic yet. Have sent copies of this biopsy to my medical oncologist, my radiation oncologist and my primary doctor. The pulmonogist already knows all this info and will see me Tuesday.

With heart disease, diabetis, prostate cancer, anemia, low tetesterone, sleep apnea and now the possiblity of lung cancer, these golden years do not look so golden. I have always preached a positive attitude and will continue to do so, but at this very moment it is difficult to take my own advice.

I do not want to jump the gun, so will wait to hear from all the doctors as to the best treatment, if treatment is necessary. Have read a little about a Thoracotomy, which sounds a little risky. Video-assisted thorascoscopy seems a little better. Have no idea about prognosis, but will try to keep a positive attitude and see what future will bring. I am ahead of the curve,as I have a loving wife, family and friends and lots of support, so will fight the best I can and will try to stay positive. Thanks to all of your group for being there and for listening.

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Thankyou Muriel and thankyou Ned. A little concerned how my heart will handle all this, but so far it has been ticking away. My cardiologist wants me to take a stress test, before any treatment to see how strong I will be. Think it will all work out. Ned, thankyou for all the good advice, which I will surely listen too. Thanks again for caring. Will try to keep positive, though it might be easier tomorrown than at this very moment.

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Had thoracotomy 2.9 years ago for non-small lung cancer; left upper lobe was removed and I am a survivor. Got last Friday's PET results today - NED

Thoracotomy site was painful for a while and I had to learn to take pain meds as needed and not let it get too bad. Took Neurontin to help with neuropathy and also had physical therapy (heat, scar massages etc) to aid healing.

Prayers are with you........


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Rose, thankyou for your thoughts and prayers. Hope you stay well. Like when I was told I had prostate cancer it was overwhelming, but with that experience this is still a shock, but my wife and I feel we can better handle it now. I keep repeating it, but you have to stay positive, although at this moment it is somewhat difficult. Am going out to dinner shortly and then will play cards with friends. Helps take my mind off of my problems for awhile. Please feel well and again thankyou for your thoughts. Keep fighting.

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Thankyou Shelly...Inez and I doing the best we can and are desperately trying to be ready for whatever comes. We have so much to be thankful for that we cannot let this get in the way of our continued happiness. I feel and I think Inez feels the same that we have a storybook romance. Like the song, we love each other more today than yesterday and half as much as tomorrow. Am not ready to give this up, so will fight with everything at our disposal. Thanks again for your thoughts and your prayers. Keep fighting, keep positive and never give up. Easy to say, but not always easy to do.

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Max, I am sorry you have to deal with cancer again. At least you seem to have caught it early. Your pulmonolgist and cardiologist will be the ones to clear you for surgery. You should know within 3 weeks, maybe less. There is no reason for it to take any longer than that unless you are not going to a comprehensive cancer center. I don’t like the fact that your doc did not inform you in a timely manner about the biopsy. If you go to a comprehensive cancer center, it all happens quickly. If for some reason you cannot have surgery, you should consider having the tumor killed with cyberknife surgery.

Here are some links:

A message board where you can ask about cyberknife surgery.


a facility in Phoenix that practices cyberknife surgery. They specialize on the brain and spinal column it looks like, but the web page mentions tumors in the chest can be treated.

http://www.thebarrow.org/Medical_Specia ... /index.htm

A National Cancer Institute certified comprehensive cancer center in Phoenix.


If I were you, I would take all my tests and records and go to the University of Arizona Comprehensive Cancer Center first and see if you can have surgery. They should let you know quickly. If you can’t have surgery, cyberknife surgery is the next best thing in my opinion.

Don m

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Thankyou Don. I will most certainly consider cyberknife surgery along with all my other options. As hard as this all is to take, it is a hell of a lot easier once you have fought another cancer, as you are so much better prepared to fight this one, which I and Inez intend to do with everything at our disposal. Hope you are doing well. Will keep you all informed as to our future plans. Again thankyou Don and everyone else for the care, love and concern. Keep fighting, stay positive and look ahead.

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You have the right attitude Max. I had 6 weeks of chemo and radiation before my surgery (upper right lobectomy) in July, 2005. That was followed by two more sessions of adjuvant chemo. My scans have been clean since. I just had a CT scan this month and remain cancer free. Stay positive. I will be praying for you and your wife, and I am sending positive thoughts your way.


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Hi Muriel...Hard to keep positive attitude, but will try my hardest. Have too much to live for. Just have to keep remembering one day at a time and so far today was great. Lets see what tomorrow brings. You also stay well and stay positive. Thanks for your concern.

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Sorry for that nasty curve, but with

the right you have in the States to

change doctors or team, you should

be fine, you already have 2/3 of the

team from previous health experiences

now for more learning in your golden


Attitude is a bit like the weather, you

may wake up to a dark sky and a few hours

later all is sunshine, but it could also

be the contrary. BUT there is always another

day following to correct all that.

Glad you have a good group ready to support

you like they did in the past.

Keep us posted on date and we will be there

with wishes and prayers.

Take care


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Good morning Jackie. Thankyou for the kind words and the caring attitude. It is interesting the comparison you make about health care in USA and in Canada. My wife, Inez is from Toronto and her mother is at Baycrest and has alzheimers. She is getting fantastic care. On the other side a friend of mine in Toronto was recently diagnosed with Prostate Cancer and though he might get good results he has had to wait a long time between doctor's visits and procedures. Guess it is six or one or a 1/2 dozen of the other. Anyway, am feeling pretty good, as Inez and I feel we can deal with what is given to us and hopefully make all the right decisions. You are so correct, life changes daily. Take care, keep fighting, stay positive.

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Darn it, Max! NOT what any of us were hoping to hear! But I agree with Ned - YOU are golden!! You are indeed lucky they caught this early, and with that stellar attitude of yours, you & Inez will pull thru this with flying colors, as well!!

(((Healing HUGS from the Eastside!! :wink: )))

Please feel free to PM if I can do anything for you or Inez...I am sort of a "local" ya know. :wink:

Yours in HOPE!


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Hi Stacey and Bunny. It really is a pleasure to wake up in the morning turn on the computer and read the wonderful words of support and care from you both and from all others at this LC site. This is the reason that Inez and I have been able to cope as well as we have. We have not changed our life style one iota as we still try to live life to the fullest. Actually not doing so is really not an option. After meeting the doctor we feel very confident. She looked like a clown with orange hair and orange and purple shirt. She is a Phoenix Suns basketball fan and that is their colors and she was heading for a game that same evening. Before specializing in lung problems she was a heart surgeon and worked mainly on children. I think this is a plus. I did check her background and found that she has done this operation many many times and is very competant. Stacy, you might have heard of her. Her name is Camilla A. Mican and she works out of Boswell, Arrowhead and Banner Thunderbird Hospitals. Will let you know when the date is for certain. Personally, I wish it were tomorrow. Want to go in, get it done and come home and do some more living. Thankyou all again for the wonderful care and support. Stay positive, keep fighting, never give up and above all, be your own advocate.

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