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dad to start Tarceva...


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so got the scans... PET shows Main Lung tumor stable, lymphnodes near heart stable...

bad news... new met in apex of the lung, new probable met on T-8 vertebra.... and worst news is innumerable mets on the liver... there used to be only 3 lg 1cm +/- now they are all over the place.

sooo they will be starting him on Tarceva... anyone have good luck with that stoping the mets in the liver?

thanks for your time I appreciate it!

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I am so sorry to hear about the new mets on your dad.

I haven't had mets to my liver, but I did have one to my spine (t12). Almost 2 years later, I am still cancer free and the met in my spine is gone.

Tarceva can work miracles. I have my fingers crossed that it is the magic bullet for your dad.


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