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Lots of prayers please


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Well, today we took my grandpa to the onc for a ck up and he has some SOB the Onc told us to go to the ER, he was admited and they did another Cat scan & x-ray all fine. He started to get very combative and aggiated. They gave him adavan and it had reverse effects on him. He got more aggiated and more combative. Had to use restrants. Than he started to vomited up dark blood. He was moved to a stepdown area, where after a few hours a nurse told us to go home and leave a one person there. I asked what was going on and she said they Drs think the cancer is spreading. He now has an NG tube in his nose and was sleeping when we left. Please say your prayers for him and keep him comfortable. Thank you all

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Thank you all for your prayers. Today has been such a blessing and the prayers are working. Grandpa got the NG tube out and they think he has an Upper GI bleed that will be able to heal its self. He got to eat food and I can't say Thank you enough for all of your prayers please keep them going. Thanks again

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