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caring co-workers


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I just need to post this, because I can't believe how the worst in one's life can show you how great the people around you are! I went into work this morning to find an envelope on my desk with a very sweet letter & a gift certificate for airfare that will cover most of 2 trips home to see my mom from a husband & wife that I work with. I have found that I feel so alone some days, dealing with my emotions, that it seems like no one in my life understands what I am going through. This amazing & generous gift made me realize that I am so very lucky to have support & caring & prayers from people in my life when I least expected it. I think that we don't see how many blessings & love that we do have in our lives until we really need it. I wish that it didn't take tragedy to see the love that surrounds us - but it is nice to know that it is there when you need it the most!

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What a blessing.

The same happened with us when Harry was diagnosed.

All of a sudden we had no income --zilch--, and I was wracking my brain trying to figure out the finances.

We too, were blessed with gift certificates arriving in the mail, or stuck in an envelope on Harry's truck wiper/wind shield, with no name signed to them, etc. (I still, to this day, don't know who gave us some of those. :( )

I'm thankful for your co-worker, and all of the people that helped us too.

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There certainly are angels out there. I glad you found 2 of yours :D

Last year Mary's co-workers came over and decorated the entire outside of our house for Christmas :o

Several of them come over the 1st friday of every month and others call her. All of these things have helped Mary's attitude immensly. They are truly angels also. Prayers are with you.

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That's great. It really is nice to know that people you know well, and people you barely now can help out it so many ways. Colleen and I were truly blessed with many gifts from friends and families. I swear they sent us enough pre-cooked dinners to last us a year.

One in particular sticks out. It was last Christmas, and we were still new to this whole thing, and frankly still had the thoughts of would this be our last christmas. Someone sent us a series of gifts, in the true meaning of the season. Sayings like you ahve to believe to recieve, with snowman blankets for Jack, gloves and coats for Jack, a hat for Col, a very nice coat rack to hang on the wall. I can't even remember what else. It was all sent anonymously, and to this day, I can't figure it out. I've had my suspicions, and even asked one or two people, but no one wants to take the credit for it. All I want to do is thank them and tell them how much it meant to us. Just the thought. We didn't need new gloves and jackets, but it was great to get them, and their gift benifited more than us, as it meant that some other less fortunate children were able to get new gloves and hat's that we had already bought for Jack. Couldn't give the ones we received as a gift away, they meant too much, so we gave the ones we bought ealrier in the season away. So many people benefited. But what it did for our spirits was and still is immeasurable. I still try to mention it as often as possible, in the hopes that the people who did it, get the satisfatction of knowing how much it meant.

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It's the best feeling in the world to know that others really do care for you and are there for you. My employer and co-workers were so wonderful to me!! I was able to spend Mom's final 3 weeks with her without worrying about my job or my work that needed to be done. My boss actually told me that I needed to stay with my Mom. And after my Mom passed my Dad was absolutely blown away when a huge bouquet of flowers arrived from my employer!! Once I came back to work I had a ton of cards waiting for me. I was blessed with prayers, hugs, money, groceries...........I was so very thankful!!



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