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Hello -- a newbie


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:D Have been visiting board since my Dad was diagnosed. Everyone has been such an inspiration and so glad I found you guys! I have been sharing news w/my Dad since he's not on-line. He quit smoking over 20 years ago and is very active and healthy -- was a shock to my family. We are now appreciating every day and my Dad is resuming normal activities. He's a former career military man and is going to fight this with everything he has. My 6 yr old already wants to be a scientist and find the cure for cancer. I will back him with everything I have on this. Thanks all for your friendship!
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Tell your Dad that he is not the only retired military fighting LC. I retired from the Army in 1983, after 20 years, 3 months, and 3 days of service. We kicked butt back then, we'll kick butt again.

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