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What IS the new normal?


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I keep hearing this term but in regards to physical changes, I haven't got it worked out yet. I had a Lobectomy a year and a half ago (with no further treatments). My left breast was numb for ages, then I had the nerve rejuvenation thing going on. Now I'm having an "ache"/tight feeling in the lung itself, which I feel when I yawn, cough, or breath deeply. Or sometimes it's just there for no reason!! I also feel it in my back when I cough. Has anyone else experienced this? Of course, I'm thinking the worse and have asked to have my next CT scan done earlier. I had an appt. 2 weeks ago and cancelled due to a very sick pet which spent the morning in the vet. Now I have to wait another 2 weeks until they can see me. I hope I'm freaking out over nothing but this is different from anything in the last 18 months. Any feedback would be appreciated guys.


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Hey Eileen,

Well, I had my left lung removed 12+ years ago, and my left breast is STILL NUMB. :roll:

The New Norm is being a Lung Cancer Survivor and all that goes with it! Our entire life turns upside down once we're dx.d with cancer, and nothing ever looks the same after that happens. So, we have all created the NEW NORM! Some of it is the fact that we live in fear the rest of our lives, and all the new kinds of doctors and medical treatments that become apart of our new lives, etc., etc, etc,. This to me is the NEW NORM! :roll::wink:

But, as long as we're still living, that's the GOOD NEWS of being the NEW NORM!

Oh, and all those new aches and pains we all get, are also apart of the NEW NORM! :roll::shock::wink:

I can't say anything about your tight feeling in your lung, being they took all of mine! :wink:

That "I'm thinking the worse" thoughts that your having)???.... well once again.. the NEW NORM! :roll: We ALWAYS think the worst when any little ache or pain pops up. And NOT to take that lightly, it's always best to have it checked out. Peace of MIND is PRICELESS!! It's always best to let the doctor see if it's something important or not.

Running to the doctor for every little ache and pain is part of the "new norm". For a while anyway!!!

I think your also having the CheckUp Jitters! Yep, you said it, the "new norm"!

Hang on tight, we're here for you and we'll throw you the rope so you don't think your falling in the hole! If it gets worse over the next two weeks, you can always go to the ER and have it checked out.


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Hi Eilleen...

I too have had a RL lobectomy with no other treatments..thank God...Althou I am 3+ years out of surgery...I still get numbness...and ache at the surgery site when I yawn or cough or for sometimes no reason at all...

As far as 'new normal'...Connie B...has explained it very well...but some of the people on this board could tell you...I REFUSE to live the 'new normal'...I am trying to live 'normal'..like before LC...I like to think that I HAD LC but no longer have it...Of course I alway's get the pre scan jitter's but I refuse to think of this beast every single day...If and when I have a situation I will deal with it..but trying to put this journey in the back of my head...and get on with my life...Connie B..YOU told me to do that...:-)

Hope that you do the same...but of course if your ache's and pain's persist...have it checked out....

Good luck...hugs...Nonni

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Nonni (Pam) Your just to damn awesome for words. :wink::D You have come a LOOONNNNNG ways my friend in your journey from when you first came to LCSC, and you better be proud of it! :wink: I sure am proud of you! :D Your soooo right when you say we need to live like we HAD LC. We DID HAVE lung cancer, and by golly we DON'T ANYMORE!! :D:wink: (((((PAM)))))) I'm very happy to hear that it made it to the back of your head and your moving on! You Go Girlfriend! LOL! LOL!

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Eileen, Connie and Pam, thank you for your posts, I love what you wrote. I've had some similar experiences and got good advice also from these posts.

I had my right lung removed 1 yr. and 8 months ago. I am still numb and figured I might always be. I cough, and am SOB sometimes, but do think of this all as the "new norm". I do get tightness in my chest, mainly in the lung that is still there. It happens with high humidity or very cold weather. Last Fall I was still going through radiation, so I can't compare to now. This is my first Fall, so I think of it as a baseline of how it will be in the future. (kind of like a baseline mammogram, I guess) :lol:

I do feel that I HAD lung cancer, but think that it's natural to feel scared at every ache & pain. Maybe that always stays with us. I don't like to be a hypochondriac (I have a girlfriend that tells me I should be) :-), but I think it's better to be safe than sorry, and have it checked out.

Eileen, Good luck and please post to let us know.


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Thank you ladies for your encouraging words. Another week to go until the scan and I will certainly post, Elyse, to let you know how it goes. And Pam, I've been thinking a lot about what you said and I LIKE IT! I've made a deal with myself--if all is clear and I can breath a sigh of relief, I promise I'm going to start using the past tense about it. I think it's a great idea :wink: Thanks again for your support though--it really does help!

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