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Gratitude - November 18th 2007


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beautiful warmer day,

sunshine and not much snow

left around here, last year

this town was the worst center

for snow storms all winter,

hope that decoration will go

to another better deserving

town....that would suit me well.

Grateful that the new dosage

of medication is working well

enough and that I can soon go back to

volunteer work, it will be reduced

hours and on a different shift

but by early December should be

at my assigned task.

Grateful for all the beautiful

pictures I saw on the scrapbook,

Grateful that Randy shared with

us and keeps doing so much work

for lc.

Have a good Sunday.



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Grateful that I only have 10 days of school left! (We get 3 days off for Thanksgiving vacation, plus the weekend!)

Also grateful that my tired old brain has been able, (so far), to learn everything the teacher is throwing at us in this quickie "Crash Course". There's not really enough days in the class to learn everything, but so far I'm keeping up!

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