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How dumb are you?


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11 out of 12. Number 8 got me and I would challenge that the question itself is not clear enough to properly answer the question. Although semantically speaking the do ask "how long will the pills last" which is 60 minutes, instead of "how long will the effects of the pills last" which is what I thought they were asking, and I answered 90. I see they're point, but I would like to appeal that line of questioning lol. NO ONE cares how long the pills will last, only how long the effects of the pill will last, and in general society, a question such as this, stated in this manner would lead any resonable person to assume that the question was referring to how long the pill would work, or perform for, being 90 minutes and not how long before the pills would be gone. If I wanted to know that I would have said, how long before all the pills are gone?

I should have been a lawyer.

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