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paul verdon

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My partner of 24 years has just finished his last chemo treatment for stage 4 LC. He was diagnosed in June 07. We had no idea this would ever happen and it's non smoking small cell cancer. He's only 55 and we had hoped for many year together. Through this 5 month journey so far all I have heard is bad news on longevity. I can't seem to find long term survivors; like 10 years or more. I'm searching for some encouragement. He has responded to the treatment very well and the tumor on the lung is reducing and the lesions on his bones are scaring (which means healing).

Any long term survivors out there? Any words of encouragement?


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Welcome Paul, to you and your partner. I'm sorry you have the need to find us, but I sure am glad you did.

As Katie said there are A LOT of us lung cancer survivors out here that are long term. Please read my profile below. I also faclitate an In Person Lung Cancer Support Group and we too have long term lung cancer survivors in our group. Some of those people belong here at LCSC.

New treatments continue to come down the pike every day which offers HOPE in the fight against lung cancer. NEVER GIVE UP HOPE! If one treatments doesn't work, TRY ANOTHER!

You'll find great support here and lots of good information. Please keep us posted on how your partner is doing, and if there is anything we can do, please know we're here for you.

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Hi, welcome to the LCSC -- hoping for good news from that scan!

It will help us give you more useful answers and also save you some repetitive typing if you'll start a profile of diagnoses, treatments, side effects, test results, etc. like you see below most of our messages. Here's how:

Click on My Profile above, scroll down to the Signature block, enter/update your information, scroll down further, ensure Always attach my signature is marked Yes, and click Submit at the very bottom.

Best wishes and Aloha,


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Welcome Paul and Michael. I too am sorry that you had the need to come to this site, but I am glad that this site is here for you (and me). It was a Godsend for me when I was first diagnosed. Please remain positive and know that prayers are being said for the both of you and positive thoughts are being sent your way.

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