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3 Years From Diagnosis Day


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Mom was diagnosed three years ago. I just can't believe how MUCH has changed since then.

I will always think of this day as the day my world turned on it's head. It's the day that started the remaking of me. And it's a day that made me grow up quite a lot. I wrote in my blog, that I wouldn't want to go back to who I was before then, but I would if I could have Mom back.

Doing ok here really. But I wanted to share that this was our "D-day."

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I can relate to the diagnosis turning a person's world up-side-down, and changing everything you thought was "normal".

Who would have ever thought that we would go thru something like this? (Not me ~~ not in a million years) :(

It always makes me think of the old saying "Pulling the rug out from under your feet", because that's exactly what a diagnosis of cancer does to a person/family member..... knocks you right on your "hiney", and then you have to try and get up again. :oops:

I'll be thinking of you.


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Wow Val, your post reminded me of our D-day. I know how hard it is. On November 16th of 2004 my Dad was diagnosed. I remember going to see the pulmonologist, with his leather mini-skirted receptionist, and crying as we heard the words small cell. My Dad and I hugged out in the parking lot as I cried and that damn receptionist walked by and stared at me like I was a freak. My Dad reassured me this would not kill him.

Boy my world went into a tailspin that day and I've been having some really bad days lately. I am fortunate that my daughter is compassionate and does special stuff for me when she knows I'm grieving. She knows how much I loved him. Ever since she was born my Dad and her would compete for my affection.

I try not to grieve in front of her but yesterday she left me alone for most of the day and my swollen eyes gave me away upon her return. I hope this day passes as easy as possible for you. And Val, I'm sure you were a terrific person before her diagnosis. Don't beat yourself up, it may be that you just appreciate things more now. I never thought I'd lose my Dad at my age either. He had his Dad until he was 64.

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