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a word of internet advice


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i noticed over the weekend that we had a little 'spam' filter through to the board. i also notice that many folks put their email addresses in text of messages. i know they do this to be kind and caring to other posters, but you should know that there are programs that will search message boards for email addresses, collect them, then spam you. one way around it would be to type your email like this

myname at hotmail.com

then the programs won't find the email. that dang at sign is a sure clue that there is an email address there.

just a word of caution from a message board veteran. :D

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oh yes, the foreign **Word not allowed** link. That's the second time I thought it was something important and opened up the discussion. Poor Katie B like after dealing with people like me begging here to explain how to get my avatar working, which is did so kindly, she then needs to patrol the board for Spam.

Interesting advice, as even I have never used any type of message board before and would not have known that.

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oh they do a really great job, things like that aren't there long. my point is though, that many folks here are typing within their message their email addresses. and if the board is being hit by spam, it is also being hit by the programs that troll for email addresses and if you type it out with the at sign rather than typing AT, your email is getting picked up and will be spammed. i'm trying to give some folks helpful advice, it is NOT A GOOD IDEA to put on a message board your full email address. check here - it is the number one way that the people who do spam email addresses, get those email addresses. just trying to offer some helpful information


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Hey cat127,

Your information is GREATLY APPRICIATED and VERY HELPFUL! Didn't mean to apply I was under-estimating what you were saying. Just thought I would throw in a GOOD JOB to those that monitor the board.

We all need ALL the HELP we can get against these SPAMMERS! :twisted::twisted: Thanks SO MUCH for taking the time to help everyone out. :wink:

I know I appreciate your helpful hints and wisdom!

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no prob, and i agree, the moderators do a really great job here, and it is board way bigger than others that i post on, not to mention one that has a far more important purpose than say, boards about bicycles and television, not that i spend a lot of time posting about that, nope, not me. :)

you are right, we should not miss a chance to say kuddos to the moderators for doing an outstanding job, because without them, we wouldn't have this forum that is so helpful to all of us!

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