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Looking for some answers

Roger C

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I have had pain in the back for a little while. Doctor sent me for an MRI. Called me today to say that there was some abnormality or growth in the spine. I asked if it could be mets from the lung or kidneys. He said if it is mets, it could be from either. Going for a pet scan on Saturday. Everything seemed be going good, now this. Anyone here has tumors on the spine from mets?

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I get so mad when I see a post

like yours.........NOT AT YOU!!!!!!

but at the doctor, why plant that

idea in your mind even for a few days.

When will they learn to control

their tongues.

Now a few prayers for you,

Candle burning and I add a name

to it.


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Hi Roger,

I just hate when they make us wait days to have a scan - it is just so nerve racking!!

Try not to worry too much until your results are back. Your problem might be something OTHER THAN CANCER.

Personally I have had mets to my spine and pelvis. I was treated almost 2 years ago and the cancer is gone and so is the pain.

A few weeks ago, I was having lots of pain in my neck, so my doc sent me for an mri - guess what "it wasn't cancer". I was told I had a few bulging disks in my neck and given anti-inflamatory and steroid drugs and I feel great again.

Let us know how the scan goes. In the meantime, I have my fingers crossed that you will receive good news.


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Wendy, I checked the computer this morning, Thanksgiving Day and read your comment to me. Thanks so much. I have picked me up, We are all going to my son's for the day ad I didn't want to be depressed. Your post gave me some encouragement. this morning. Thanks again.

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I will be saying a prayer that what they saw on the MRI is not mets. I know the wait can hard. We went through the same thing with my mom last Christmas. They told her there was "something" there about mid-December, but couldn't do the biopsy until the 2nd of January. We were a pretty worried bunch over the holidays. It stinks. Let us know what you find out. Mom got three weeks of rediation to her spine and it seems to have taken care of her mets.


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