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Pulmonary Function Test Question


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Mike and I got the results from the cancer center regarding his lung cancer in the middle of October.

He has had the x-ray, CAT scan, PET scan and pulmonary function test.

They did not do a biopsy. He has been told he has stage 1A lung cancer.

My question is in regard to his pulmonary function test. They told him he only had 42% lung function right now. He's had a LONG history of bronchitis.

They told him they could not operate until this is brought up. But they didn't say what percentage they hope for him to obtain through nebulizers and exercise.

Does anyone know what percentage they hope for before they go to surgery? I could call and ask, but the navigation nurse we have, who answers many of these questions for us, isn't as friendly as we would hope.

Thanks so much!

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Right now, they have Mike on two nebulizers, in physical therapy and definitely stop smoking.

Mike is an avid exerciser, has been for years and years. He works out 5 days a week doing many forms of martial arts, including breathing exercises. He also does 250 ab crunches 5 days a week. He's quite active and has been just about forever.

We're wondering how the physical exercising is going to help, but hoping it will.

He has not had a cigarette for almost 2 weeks now.

We just don't know what percentage of lung function they are needing to do the surgery. I'll call this afternoon to check and be sure and report back.

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I want to say 80% or better, but I honestly can't remember what all goes into that figure or % amount.

Better make the call and find out for sure! Please let us know when you find out.

I smoked right up until the day they took my left lung out. :roll: I was 43 years old and in pretty good shape but compared to what Mike does with excersise I was at the bottom of the list. I past all my Pulm Function Tests back then, or they wouldn't have done surgery on me either. My tumor was in the middle of my left lobe and they removed the entire lung. Well let us know.

Best Wishes.

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Another possibility is to kill it with cyberknife. I have been told that if the nodule is close to the surface of the lung RFA can be very effective and cause very little collateral damage. If the nodule is deep in the lung, RFA will destroy all of the tissue directly behind the tumor.

Here is a message board for cyberknife.


Don M

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