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Gratitude - November 20th 2007


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Good morning all,

Snow storm for us,

not nice, where are those

big fluffy snow flakes of

my youth???? I noticed in

the last five years (since

moving in town) that the snow

falling is fine like table salt

not even good enough to make a

snow man...........

Will get used to it, may as well

for the next four months.

Will say like Randy

''prayers go up and blessings come down''

may get the name of a private hospital

in Montreal for the infiltration I need.

Grateful to all my co-workers that are

making all the calls for me, they are

calling all their relatives getting

private treatments for arthrosis and

may finally get what I need for my back.

That's another place where you feel like

a family is around you.

So fine snow and bad weather can't take the

smile from my face today.

Hope is the word that keeps everybody

going and going..........

Have a good day, I'll have a grateful one.


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Grateful for being off work all this week, and having a great best friend to spend yesterday and this morning with. Grateful that dad is still feeling wonderful. Grateful this afternoon for this huge 105 pound yellow lab of mine, the one that thinks she is a lap dog. She always makes me smile. It is a wonderful feeling to be loved so much by something so unconditionally. I am not grateful that my father has lc, but I am grateful for the changes that lc has made in my families life. We are learning to not take life for granted. Three months ago I would never have been able to list things of gratitude, as I only always saw the negative in everything.

I will be leaving in the morning to spend Thanksgiving with the in-laws out of state so I would like to wish everyone a blessed holiday.

Have a blessed holiday season.


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Grateful that I'm off of school for the next 5 days!

The class will be over December 10th. I think I mistakenly posted that I only had 10 days left of school, earlier! I skipped the entire last week of November! Can you tell I want to be done with it?? :D

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