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Dancing With The Stars.....Anyone Watching ????


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Ginny...I know you're watching!!!

I really have loved this show since it's beginning and this season is no different. I think this season has had some really talented dancers on board. So, who do you think will be in the finals?

I'm cheering Helio and Julianne on for a win!!!

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Watching, obsessed would be a better word. And I vote, not going to let one of my favorites become a Sabrina.

I, too, love Helio, what a smile.

But, OMG, Mel B. is built like a you know what (similar to me).

Jennie makes funny mouth moves, but Derek is fun to watch.

And Marie, what can you say about her, she is so cute, but her dancing doesn't deserve the trophy. Don't you just love Tom Bergeron too?

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I was really surprised that Marie is going to the finals! I thought Jenny's dancing was much better than Marie's but Marie has got charisma and that's waht gets those votes. The finals should be interesting and we will finally see if it's about dancing ability or charm.

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