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Getting through Thursday


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Hi all--

I feel like I'm posting a lot right now so I apologize in advance. I've been telling myself for the past two weeks that Thanksgiving wouldn't be that hard to get through--because my dad didn't even like it. He used to get very stressed about whether we had the right amount of food, how we were preparing it etc. etc. It could be very stressful to see him becoming so stressed.

But the closer I am getting to the holiday the more anxious I am becoming about how much I will miss him, his wonderful soothing presence (even in the midst of his stress), and how much he could make us laugh. It sort of feels like nothing has much meaning without him.

And I just don't know how we're going to get through it. Any ideas for how to make this easier?

My thoughts are with all of you. I know this is hard for everyone...Just wondering if anyone has ideas to make it even a tiny bit less hard.



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Take time for yourself. IF you feel the emotions coming over you excuse yourself and just go outside and talk to him and let it out. Just let things happen naturally. THink of all the great times together and share some funny stories from the past. Do not try to hide things though. Share the hugs and the laughs and the tears if you want. ITs tough but it is not impossible. Just do what feels right basically thats all I can offer right now and never apologize for posting too much ok??Prayers and Hugs....

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I think Randy said it all pretty well. Do what you need to get through it. I know it won't be easy but your family needs you just as you needed your dad for all of those years.

This time of year is tough for everyone. Right now I am facing some pretty bad aniversaries and all of the memories that go with them of 5 years ago.

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I am having a pretty tough time with the holiday as well. Tougher than I thought I would. I am feeling some anxiety with the holiday and I am concerned about a few other things as well. So I think it is even more heightened.

The hardest part is I don't have family nearby. In a way that is alright. They want to help but they add to my anxiety and they also agitate me as they tend to mother me and I feel smothered.

I have met several people that have invited me over for the holiday so I do have lots of options for Thursday.

Personally I am looking forward to the holidays being over with. This is the first year without my husband. January 22 will be the first anniversary of his death. Pretty hard to imagine. Everyone says it gets easier. But I don't know.

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