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Gratitude - November 21st 2007


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I'm grateful for my best friend, Sue. Without her love and understanding, I have no idea what state my life would be in right now. I'm so grateful for her ability to listen and to always know just what to say to comfort me.

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I'm grateful that tomorrow, actually beginning now, our home will be filled with family. Lot's of family, Col's aunt and uncle and cousins, her mom and dad, her sister and her husband, my parents, my grandparents, my brother and his girlfriend. Grateful to have another thanksgiving like this, as last year's skeleton crew just didn't cut it, if you know what I mean, and the worry of will there be another loomed large right out of Col's surgery and in the middle of Chemo.

I am also grateful that I took the step out of lurkdom and into an actual poster. What this site did for me as a lurker was incredible, what it has done for me as an active member immeasurable.

Finally I am thankful for everyone here who are all so helpful. Thrust into this boat, not by choice, yet able to discuss freely the trials and tribulations of this disease.

Tomorrow, we forget about the C word, and for one day think about Turkey, and football, friends and family past and present, and precious memories lost and experiences yet to come. It's not Christmas, and It's not New Year's, It's Thanksgiving, but it's my favorite day of all.

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since I am not too depressed or tired right now i will share my gratefuls for Today and tomorrow as well;

My Family, present and not present physically ((((((((Deb)))))))))) 22 months on Thanksgiving Day so.......Including Daisy and MOCHA :)

My friends that are all here :) and those that are not here :cry:

My Job so I can pay the mortgage and teh bills and survive... Working the shelter tomorrow morning with friends From another restaurant.

My House that I am paying for; cause unlike those I am feeding I have a place to call home.


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