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Paul for Michael's update(Michael's in white)

paul verdon

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I wanted you all to know the good

results of my most recent scans. Basically everything is stable (not

growing) which my oncologist says is wonderful. One free floating

tumor actually shrunk a bit more. The one in the lung remained the

same. The bones are also stable and still show signs of scarring

(healing) but one cannot tell if there is more scaring than before or

not. The Pet scan revealed there are still active areas, so Dr Rosen

has decided to put me on a cancer pill (tarceva - one a day) which he

likens to a maintainance program. We'll coast along for two months and

then repeat the scans to see what's happening. I have an appointment

with my radiologist to discuss radiation. It remains a good option for

the future.

So, in summary, Dr. Rosen says there is an abundance of good news for

someone in my condition. I've completed the first 6 cycles of chemo and

tolerated it extremely well (in comparison) and all active areas in my

body have responded with initial shrinkage and are now holding stable.

Nothing but good news.

Thanksgiving is really something for me to celebrate this year.

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Congrats on the emcouraging scans.

there is tons of accumulated knowledge about Tarceva on this board and www.onctalk.com

two things should be on your radar screen regarding its side effects: manageable diarrhea and a face and neck rash that can go from very mild to very bad.

Any competent onc. will be aware of this and will have the relevant creams and antibiotic ointments (the names of which esacpe me at the moment) ready for you once you start. Make sure you also have non-drying soaps and lotions.



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Great News! I'm so thrilled to hear that your tumors are responding to treatment! A lot of people on this board have done very well with Tarceva. You might want to read up on it over at onctalk.com.


Many folks experience a rash and some diarehea--but that's good. There is actually a correlation between the side effects and the effectiveness of the drug. The side effects can be managed so be sure to tell your Oncologist.


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