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Need volunteers in the Los Angeles area


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Our coordinators for the L.A. Walk are looking for volunteers and committee members for next years walk.

We've got a bunch of LCSC members in the so.cal area, so please, think about being a volunteer for this wonderful event.

If you are interested or even if you just want to learn more, PM me you name/#/e-mail address and I will forward it along.

Thanks so much for stepping up!!!


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Thank you SO MUCH, Andrea!!!

I hope more CA members decide to help too...where are you guys???

I'm thinking we help make this event HUGE and turn it into a west-coast LCSC reunion on walk day too...


I'd love to fly out for this one next year.

PM me...we need your help!!

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Thanks SO MUCH Teri!!

Surely there are MORE California folks out there willing to help??? It's a whole year away...surely you can spare a day or two here and there to help out on a committee???

Pretty please?????

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It won't be until November 2008-

Just needing to get some planners/committee members to do some volunteering to get this off the ground and rolling to ensure a great event next year. They have been very successful the past two years so this isn't a "new" event- just needing new volunteers to take over some aspects of it!!

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just an idea, Katie...lungevity has a 'group' on Facebook, as you may know. I am the oldest person on that site, but found a few long lost friends so it's OK. mostly, though, it's college-aged people who might be very available and happy to get involved in a walk like that. I can peruse the membership to see if anyone is in the LA area, but it might be a good resource for you, as well. just a thought.

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