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Gratitude - November 22nd 2007


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Grateful that I only have to make the sweet potatoes for today's meal!

I think my family realized I was a little overwhelmed dealing with Harry not feeling well, and going to school full time, so I got off easy this year!

Also thankful for my family, especially my children and the 3 grand babies that live near me. Don't know what I would do without them.

Have a VERY good day everyone.

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Grateful for the turkey that someone else is making--

Grateful that I don't have to clean my house for guests.

Grateful that I DO get to make the sweet potatoes (I don't like the way 'other people' make them).

Grateful for all of you.

Grateful for the daily reminders to find something to be grateful for.


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I am grateful I am not making any sweet potatoes. :wink: I am grateful for my family and my friends that are helping me through things. I am grateful Rich gets to be home for the holiday and not eat hospital turkey. I am very grateful to Jackie for these posts that make us stop and think how fortunate we really are.


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Grateful to whatever carry-out place is open today, cuz' I'm not cooking anything! :wink:

Grateful that the antibiotics seem to be finally chasing away this bug I've had for 12 days.

Grateful that two of my kids will be here with me. They will then spend time with wonderful friends, since childhood, who have been such a rock for them during this time.

Grateful to all the kind folks in the LCSC community who have reached out to me in so many ways.


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I am grateful that I am cooking the turkey dinner, haven't done it for years. My daughter's family will be here. The house smells delicious. I don't do sweet potatoes, or potatos.

Am so happy Rich is home with his family.

Debi and Rochelle, I am just grateful for the love and wisdom you show here every day.

Jackie, you are a jewel and for that I am grateful.

And really I am just grateful, with all its ups and downs, happy times and sad times, this life is a wonderful and joyous journey.

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I am thankful for a Thanksgiving celebration recently concluded with our entire, extended family. I am thinkful for my over-the-top-helpful husband and our dear family that surrounded us today. I am thankful my Mom was here and fun and happy as always.

I am thankful that her cancer makes me realize to be extra-thankful that Mom, and the entire family, was with us today.

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I am grateful for all of the wonderful people in my life, past and present. I'm grateful for the love I have known and that I have been able to love so completely as well as be loved unconditionally.

I am grateful too for all of you who in your own worries and pain always have time for those of us who need a word of encouragement.

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