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Hi Everyone,

My name is Jackie and I'm 56 years old, diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in Feb 2006. My daughter recommended I join this forum, she thought it would help me. She has written in a few times about me. :) This whole ordeal has been really awful,from the chemo, the radiation, all the medications. And never feeling good anymore. Sometimes I wonder how anyone can stand it. I know you are supposed to live one day at a time, but it is so difficult to do that. Well, not sure what else to say. I used to take my dogs (pugs) to agility classes and then compete with them at trials. Now I can't run so I don't even get to do what makes me happy. This is a horrible disease.

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Hi Jackie. Welcome to our group. I hope you find lots of support here. I just can't imagine pugs competing in agility trials. I'd love to see it sometime. Sorry you can't continue that. I was hoping to train my Golden Retriever to be a therapy dog just before I was diagnosed. Not all plans work out, I guess. Keep in touch with us.


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Hi, Jackie, I'm really glad you joined our group. I remember reading your daughter's posts about your role in Illinois' Lung Cancer Awareness Month proclamation and how proud she was of you. I'm sure you feel the same about her -- sounds like a wonderful daughter.

I hope the Gemzar gets you feeling better soon. The WBR, though necessary, must have sapped your strength -- that plus the unsuccessful pleurodesis.

My best wishes and Aloha,


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Hi Jackie,

Welcome to the board.There is plenty to browse here and many people who will support and advise you when you need it.

I love watching dogs do agility, think its fantastic and always wanted to have a go but unfortunately I used to own Afghan hounds - NOT very agile OR obedient I'm afraid !!!

Wishing you the best of luck with the Gemzar and hope you feel better soon.

God bless


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