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Another change to treatment plan...normal?


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Mom's had one chemo treatment (cisplatin/docetaxel) and had no problems with it. Then her dr. decided she wanted to add concurrent radiation. That's set to start 11/27, everyday for 6 weeks. Her next cchemo is set foe 11/26 and now the oncologist wants to change her chemo to cisplatin/etoposide given over 2 days (i think) instead of one day. Is it normal to keep changing treatment plans this early on?

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Hi Chelsea:

Most studies show that concurrent radiation with chemo usually give a better outcome so that's probably why it's been recommended. As far as changing the 'chemo cocktail' I'm afraid I cannot give you any input but I know there are others here who'll have more info for you. Good Luck & God Bless


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I unfortunately can't speak to the change in her treatment plan, but I couldn't help but notice that your mom and my mom are on a similar schedule (as far as dx dates, etc). My mom is on the cisplatin/etoposide cocktail and is on three days (day 1 with both, day 2 and 3 with just the etoposide). She seems to be handling it well (she's one week out from her first treatment) so I hope your mom has the same. Our goal is to get Mom to be doing rad/chemo concurrently as well, but they need to shrink her tumor first (and she has a mixed Dx with SCLC).

Anyhow, I really can't answer your questions but just wanted to let you know there's another daughter out here at a similar stage in this process. Also, any research I did on this chemo combo had it come back as the 'gold standard'. You may be able to find some docetaxel/etoposide comparison info at onctalk.com.

Best wishes that the concurrent rad/chemo will do its thing and with minimal side effects for your mom. Keep us posted!

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