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prayers ( mom in ICU)


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Well Mom went into ICU wednesday she was very SOB and had been coughing up some flem. They diagnosed pnuemona. We got a call last night that they put mom on a vent she is doing good though. In a way I am almost releaved that her body doesn't have to work so hard. The vent is on 35% right now. They said they will try to take her off tomorrow if her lungs aren't so filled with gunk. Please pray that everything goes as planed and the medicine continues to work. So she can continue on treatment. Thank all.

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Prayers go up and blessings come down! Some times the hospital is the best place to recover and get the body on track.. sayin prayers tonite for relief and recovery for mom

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Mom is still on vent they have been trying for two days to take her off. Her stats has stayed good but she starts breathing too fast. She was able to open her eyes and shake her head yes or no today. She tried to pull the tube out today and my sister tried to calm her down and she said no. We asked her if she wanted it out she said yes. We told her that she will die if we take it out she didn't say anything. We are being shelfish because we told her we aren't ready to let her go yet. We asked if we could try again the morning on the c pap test and she said yes. So I guess we will take it one day at a time now.

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