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Gratitude - November 24th 2007


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Good morning all,

Grateful today for the

weather that is getting better,

snow storm finished without

too much white stuff to be shoveled.

Grateful for Lucille that will be

Christmas shopping with me today.

Grateful for the good news of the

week on the forum.

Grateful to be alive.

Have a great day.


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Grateful for..

A nice quiet morning without alarm clocks...

Husband's been out hunting 3 times now--no one injured (Back out this morning---too cold for me!)...glad he has people who will do this with him.

Kids are even cleaning their rooms! (Well, maybe the bribe of a possible movie could have helped)

Grateful that I still like the music that is blaring out of their rooms...

:-) Kelly

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I am grateful that today I will be with a friend enjoying a good meal and a beautiful Christmas show at the old theater in town. Grateful that for this one day of memories I won't be alone.

Also grateful for the miracle sign that gave me back my praying hands 3 years ago today and got me through a very bad day.

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