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Help - How do I fight my lung cancer?

Richard Mead

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Welcome Richard. Glad you found us. What do the doctors at the Cleveland Clinic suggest? Do you have an oncologist in Ashtabula? Both chemo and radiation require many trips for treatment. Will the CC oversee your treatments and let you receive them closer to home? If not, then get them at CC. In addition, you might want to get some medication to relieve anxiety. Many/most of us in this group have used something for a short time - or longer. I found it really helpful. You didn't mention if you were, currently, a smoker. If so, you'll feel better if you quit. Really! I did. Makes breating much easier. If you have chemo, be sure to drink lots of water. Well, I getting ahead of myself here. First you need to decide how aggressively you want to fight the monster. Then decide if you like the doctors at Cleveland Clinic and if you want to travel that far to see them frequently. See what your other options for care might be. Let us know what you decide to do. Good luck in making a decision.


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The first thing I can think of is to go see a comprehensive cancer center. The center will have specialists and facilities that specialize in lung cancer, the communication between specialists is optimized, the time to wait for anointments is much less. There is not much hurry up and wait. Things will move along quickly. The National Cancer Institute (NCI) lists one facility in the state of Ohio as having a comprehensive cancer facility, there may be other great institutions that did not make the list for some reason. I see that the Cleveland Clinic is associated with the Case Comprehensive cancer Unit so maybe you have access to all of the resources in the Case Unit by going through the Cleveland Unit.

If you tell the medical unit that you want to follow and aggressive course of treatment, they will likely oblige you. For aggressive treatment, there will be an increased risk of collateral damage from treatment related damage. It is usually something you can live with. They may recommend chemoradiation followed by a stronger course of chemo, and then they will scan to see what happened. You could have stable disease or considerable shrinkage by this point.

Don M

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Hi Richard,

I'm so sorry to hear of your diagnosis - but so glad you found this board. While I am a caregiver and not a LC survivor, I know the numbness and confusion I felt in the days after mom's diagnosis. You'll see the details of my mom's diagnosis and treatment to date in my signature below. We are in Medina and she is being treated the The Clinic. We have felt VERY good about her care there, tests and results and schedules have moved quickly and her onc's are fabulous.

I agree with what others have said here - let your doc's know you want to be agressive in your treatment plan. The Clinic has 'Tumor Board' that meets every Tuesday to discuss the cases which includes the onc's, pulmonologists, etc., on your team. We have found the team approach to be very effective in managing my mom's treatment plan.

Please keep us posted on how things are going and how we can help.

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Welcome Richard,

I know how you are feeling right now. I still can hear the doctor tell me I had lung cancer, seems my heart skipped quite a few beats and my world started turning.

My advise is look for specialists in lung cancer. Research, research, research the disease and ask lots of questions.

Stay away from statistics, they are outdated and don't necessarily predict how your journey may end! Visit the survivor and my story sections on this site to learn about other survivors just like you.

All my best to you,


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Hi Richard-

I know how you feel, right now is a pretty scary time for you. You will find much hope and knowledge here on this forum.

I receive my chemo at the Cleveland Clinic, also. Which doctor do you have?? My doctor is Dr. Mekhail and I like him a lot. I used to have another doc but he moved to Texas. At the time when I was first dx'd, I asked about having my chemo done at the Strongsville Cleveland Clinic satellite which is much closer to my home but I was told that at the satellite clinics they do not have access to any experimental drugs if the time came when that would be appropriate for me. So I stayed at the Taussig Center. Thats something to think about if you think about changing locations.

My prayers are with you and please keep us updated on your progress. If you have any questions related to the Clinic, please feel free to ask me. When is your next chemo app't??

Hugs and blessings - Patti B.

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Hi Richard and Welcome!

Everyone here has already said it all. I just want to add that I hope they are working on a plan for you as I type this, or that you will be starting treatments soon.

Stay away from the Statistics! You want to focus on the POSITIVE!

We're here to help you through the rough spots. Keep us posted.

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Welcome Richerd!

Educate yourself and fight like h*%l! A wonderful resource for the former is:


This website is run by Dr. West, who specializes in the treatment of lung cancer. He explains all the latest research so that us non-medical folks can understand it. Then make sure your doctors are willing to fight as aggressively as you are!

Keep us informed of your progress and feel free to ask questions!


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Hi and welcome,

I know all this is new and scarry, but this board has truly been a godsend for me.

First find a treatment center and a doctor you like. Get treatment started as soon as possible. Pick the most aggressive treatment available. Keep a positive attitude and never give up hope!

We are all here and praying that the lord will guide you to the right doctor and treatments.

Please keep us posted.



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