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Utah state senator Ed Mayne


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Utah state senator Ed Mayne, at his home in West Valley City. (Photo: Ed Mayne family) SALT LAKE CITY - Utah state Sen. Ed Mayne died on Sunday following a fight with lung cancer.

It was announced that Mayne died at his West Valley City home on Sunday afternoon. Last spring, the state Democrat was officially diagnosed with the affliction and underwent aggressive chemotherapy treatment.

Mayne, 62, was the state's best-known labor leader and prominent civic builder. He served as the state senate's Assistant Minority Whip and represented Utah's 5th Senate Disctrict in West Valley City.

"He's always the voice for those who don't have a voice," his wife Karen told 2News on Sunday evening. "For those who really don't know the system, he has helped them navigate through."

"Whether it be working men and women, whether it be for a working wage, whether it was for people in the trailer parks around Utah... Ed was always there," said state Sen. Gene Davis, a fellow Democrat and colleague of Mayne's.

Aside from his title as state senator, Mayne was also the president of Utah's AFL-CIO labor division.

According to his personal website, Mayne graduated from Granger High School and attended Snow College in Ephraim. After a transfer to the University of Utah he became a rock miner at the Bingham Copper Mine.

"Ed Mayne Street" in Kearns was an honor he received in 1993 for his community service in Salt Lake County and his efforts in developing the Oquirrh Hill Park next to Kearns High School.

In 2000, Mayne was asked by then-Salt Lake City Olympic Organizer Mitt Romney to be the E Center's Venue Chair during the 2002 Winter Games. Romney also asked Mayne to carry the Olympic Torch from Kearns High School to the Olympic Speed Skating Oval.

Utah state senator Ed Mayne carries the 2002 Winter Olympic Torch through Kearns. He was one of just three known public elected officials in the nation to have carried the Olympic Torch in 2002. (Photo: Ed Mayne family) "To carry the Olympic Torch was such an honor, I will never forget that wonderful experience for the rest of my life," Mayne is quoted as saying on his website.

Mayne was one of just three known elected public officials in the nation who was asked to carry the Olympic Torch in 2002.

Karen Mayne said that she hopes to fill the state senate seat left by her husband's passing -- a decision which will ultimately be made by Gov. Jon Huntsman, Jr.

"I said, 'Ed, what a life you have led. You have done wonderful things'," she recalled during an interview with 2News on Sunday night.

"You have done so much for people."

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