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I am still having bad nausea and the vomitting is getting worse. I have a pet scan coming up tomorrow and I will get the results the next day. At present I am really scared that I may have stomach cancer. Most of the time no matter what food is in my stomach I will have dry heaves which plays chaos with my chest post op surgery syndrome causing the pain to be much worse. However, today it is productive and I am throwing up everythig that goes in. I also run a low temp off and on. Once the vomitting or dry heaves are over, then I feel better for a short while. I know I am having some symptoms of stomach cancer and I am scared. Has anyone else gone through all of this after chemo (mine had to stop Aug. 1st). My Dad had lung cancer/lobectomy but his cancer did not return for 6 yrs., then he joined our Lord, it also spread to his brain at that time. I am scared because my cancer already returned so quickly 4 1/2 months.

Appreciate your prayers for my pet scan to be a clean one tomorrow, I've been standing strong here through all, but this nausea/vomitting is beginning to take it out of me making me weak and fear creeps in when you don't feel good all the time.

Hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving! And I thank you for any comments herel

Love and prayers for all....Sally

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Dear Sally,

I'm so sorry your feeling this poorly. I don't know anything about stomach cancer. I know anything is possible in the world of cancers, but I just have not heard of lung cancer spreading to the stomach.

We ALL have simlar fears going through this journey. We ALWAYS feel it's cancer when things aren't right. (((((SALLY)))))))

I do hope your scans will clear up your worries for you. And I Hope and Pray it's not stomach cancer. PLEASE don't wait to call your doctor's when your feeling that poorly. That's the FIRST thing you need to even before you post here as to has anyone else felt this way. PLEASE don't put off calling your doc's FIRST!

Sending positive vibes and good wishes that you'll be feeling better soon. Keep us posted.

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