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Max L

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I would like to relate my experience this week with doctors and their office staff. I had an appointment with my pulmonologist Tuesday, 11/20 and it was decided that I would see a surgeon regarding an operation and the sooner the better as I may have a chance to rid myself totally of this lung cancer. Dr Rotering, my pulmonologist,than informed her

assistant to handle making an appointment with a surgeon immediately.

As of this morning Monday 11/26 I had not heard anything from anyone, so I called my doctor and was informed that an appointment still has not been made. After I expressed my dissatisfaction with this lack of professionalism and caring a phone call was then made and an appointment set up for Monday 12/3. The excuse given to me by the woman who handles the appointments was that the assistant was waiting for a report from the doctor, so did not contact her to make the arrangements. Of course, I was standing there when the doctor ordered her assistant to do this immediately. I was informed that I should bring my Pet Scan and CT Scan xrays with me to the surgeon so I decided I would take a ride to see this surgeon today and bring them my x-rays which I did. I related to them how urgent it was to see the surgeon as I did not want this cancer to grow and leave the lung. They agreed with me and changed my appointment with the surgeon to this Wednesday, 11/28.

I was told a week ago by my family doctor that I have a bad habit of wanting to be in charge. Well she is absolutely right. It is my body and my sickness and I do plan on being in charge. . I am relating this to everyone to please please do not be afraid to be your own advocate. You never know when the doctor who may be a great person and a great doctor, along with his office staff fall asleep on the job and it is you who suffers the consequence, not them.

It is wonderful to have a positive attitude, but it is mandatory to never stop fighting for your rights as a patient. IT IS YOUR BODY AND YOUR SICKNESS.

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Way to go, Max. You are definitely 'da man'!!!!!! I did much advocating on my behalf much to the dismay of some in the medical field......a thoracic surgeon headed that list. I say.....too bad to all of them. I am still here because of the steps I took. Glad to know we are on the same team!!!! Go Max!!!! Can't wait to hear how things turn out for you.


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If I have said it once, I have said it a thousand times - we HAVE to be our own best advocates.

Got so upset once in the waiting room for chemo after a PA gave me misinformation while my doc was out of town - I got LOUD and warned everyone - get paper copies of your MRI and CAT scan results and READ them - you pay for them, they are yours!! Think the employees wanted to stuff a sock in my mouth but, oh well, too bad!!

And why wouldn't you want to be "in charge" - its YOUR body, isn't it??

Good luck and keep us posted on how you are doing.

Hugs Patti B

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I will always remember my friend, Marlene, who died of breast cancer. Of course, we'll never know for sure but she (and I) believed she was a "victim" of being patient and fully trusting the docs. When she had a "lump" and this was at 38 when breast cancer is often very agressive, her doctor had her go off coffee, chocolate.. for 3 months (maybe more???) before investigating. I won't go into the rest of things that she was patient about, but she didn't want to make any noise. I miss her so but I also learned from that.

You need to advocate for yourself and check everything. And yes, I believe in doctors and know most are great but they are busy and they are only human.

gail p-m

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I'm with you Max. I've gone along with the doctors because I trust them explicitly but I had to have a chemo experience gone bad to trigger what I have been accused is a need to control everything. Well, my second chemo nurse who was amazing was already reminding me to educate myself (and she helped greatly with that) and take charge of my cancer. I'm ready now.

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Max, congrats to you, I too had a similar experience with my recurrence, after a week I took charge, was told by my family doctor that he felt things were moving along, I responded by saying, they are now because I had to stay on the girl that was suppose to schedule me with the onc. to start chemo and radiation. I didn't want that tumor to grow any more, if they were only in our shoes they would understand.

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