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I Think It's Time For a Roll Call....


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Let's all join in and update a little about our lives. Some members are new and others may have justy been out of touch for a while. So, let's all get together for a Holiday Roll Call.


Palm Bay, Florida

Office Manager

3 sons; 2 DIL's; 1 grandaughter and another due mid- January; Happily remarried to someone who understands and helps me deal with life

Dear husband Dennis lost his battle to SCLC December 15, 2002

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Near Tacoma, Washington

I don't post a lot, but visit here every day. I have two kids (son started college this year and daughter in high school). Three dogs, two cats, two rabbits rescued from the back yard, and several aquariums full of African cichlids keep me busy!

Ann, when my dad first retired from the Air Force, we lived in Palm Bay for a while. I loved it there.

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I live in a lovely townhouse on a golf course in Montgomeryville PA, about 15 miles NW of Philadelphia.

I work part time as a bookkeeper for a small manufacturing company. I have 4 day weekends, yep, you heard me, 4 day weekends.

I have a married son who has 4 children, Ryan 14, Brendan 12, Connor 9 and Erin 6.

I have a married daughter with a son Jack 4 and a daughter Carly 2.

I also have 2 stepchildren and 3 step grandchildren.

All of the children live within 30 miles, so I am a happy Meme.

No pets. For right now I need the freedom of no animals.

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Kg or Robin

I live in Blue Springs MO outside of Kansas City.

SAHM (stay at home mom) 3 kids ALL BOYS, one hubby (actually 4th kid but he works too LOL) Dad lives with us while fighting LC, one dog Starfire, and one cat Cliche thats gone feral living in the basement... I wrangle kids, house , hubby, and Dr apts while making Bows and Headbands that I sell on Ebay

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Florida, near Tampa.

Married to Harry, who is currently battling sclc.

We have 3 children ~ Joshua, 31, Erin, 25 (mommy to 3 boys, Anthony, Gabriel and Lucas), and our 14 year old son, Jacob, at home.

We live in the country, have 2 dogs, 5 cats, chickens and ducks.

I'm currently attending school for my CNA certification, then possibly LPN later on down the road.

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I am Teresa.

I am a supervising deputy clerk in the General District Court Traffic & Criminal division for the past 19 years. I am 39 years old, so I grew up there.

I live in Dayton, VA in a small but wonderful subdivision.

I have been married to a wonderful man, Richard, for 19 years.

We have an awesome 14 year old son, Hunter. We spend ALL our free time setting on bleachers watching him either play football, baseball, or wrestle. Go Knights!!! He spends all his free time chasing pretty girls. :D To be a teenager again....

And I cannot forget to mention our 105 pound "lap" dog Kasey. She is a yellow lab that will be 3 years old on Christmas day and is a constant source of enjoyment in our lives. She just makes you smile cause she loves ya so much.

Currently we are waiting for dad (Jerry) to get his chemo and radiation treatments set up and he should be starting them in a week or so. I am scared about this.

I was VERY bitter when I first came to this site because I was so scared. But given time, faith, LCSC members, family, friends, and a little help from my new friend Lexapro I am doing much, much better now. Thank you for a place to share with people that understand.

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Hi- Darlene-39

Married - 2 kids Matthew 9 and Emily 5

Jake 1.5 year old Saint Bernard

Stay @ Home Mom since son was born.

Mom DX Sept/06 Ext Small Cell-Staying Strong everyday

and fighting this with everything she has. I am so proud of her.


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Hi! I'm Carleen

I'm from Milwaukee WI,where I was born and have lived my whole life.

I currently work as an auditor, but I'm rethinking that. I'd love to find a job in Marketing, have the degree but no experience. :cry: so that may take some time.

I don't have any children, but I have a wonderful close family that includes 10 nieces whom I adore. I have one adorable black cat, and I adopted a 3 year old doberman from a rescue organization almost a year ago, who I love despite his stubborn drive to ignore all training and destroy my home and all the things in it.

I lost my beloved husband and soulmate Keith June 29th, 2006 at the age of 34 after a 3 1/2 year courageous and valliant battle with atypical carcinoid LC. I still love him with all my heart and soul and I miss him so much. Always and Forever!

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I am Karen.

I live in Michigan just outside of Grand Rapids. I have been married to DH for 19 years, and we have 2 amazing daughters (4 and 6). I am a SAHM, but am looking for some work as a sonographer on a per diem basis; just enough to keep the skills up, but not enough to take any time away from my kids. Can you say "dream job?"

I lost my dad to melanoma in Jan 2006.

I lost my mom to NSCLC in Apr 2006.

Still doesn't feel right, but i am learning to live with it. I am lucky to have 3 dear brothers who "get it."

Sorry, no avatar, but I rarely have pictures of myself, as I am always behind the camera!

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I'm Tina.

Live near Knoxville, TN

Internal auditor - full-time job (needed health ins.)

President - non-profit helping lung cancer patients

Two daughters and my niece ages 20, 14 and 17, respectively.

Lots of soccer, basketball, color guard, church, and other activities associated with my girls.

Love to sing Christian music.

Lost my soulmate to NSCLC on Easter 2006 after a 27 month stage IV battle. I miss him more than most people can imagine.

Lost my dad to SCLC on Oct. 8, 2007.

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My name is Sharon -

I am the Office Manager of a Pediatric Group.

I live in Milford CT with my wonderful husband of 21 years, Michael who is a firefighter.

We have three children, Sara 28 , Michael, Jr. 20, and Andrew 18. Sara is married to our "other" son, Mark and they made me an "Ahma" 2 years ago. So, I have one grandson, Gavin. Sara is pregnant again and due on July 18th.

I am also the Mommy to Tucker (a Keeshond) and Yogi (a Pomeranian) -

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I'm Ellie

Live in Mt. Airy, NC (aka "Mayberry" no kidding)

Married to Bruce for 31 years

Wonderful son, Ryan, (25)

Adopted stray loving mutt, "Midnight"

Floral designer

Lost my sister and best friend, Maura, to LC one year ago.

Very grateful to have this wonderful website for support.

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I'm Christine (formerly cynical_angel)

Live in the Berkshires of Massachusetts

Married with 3 kids, Jared, 19, Meghan 17 and Trevor, 9

Furry babies, Denny, DeLyla Hope and Kipper, all mini dachshunds

I am currently running a web site devoted to helping people touched by any type of cancer and am working to obtain a non profit status. (Won't shamelessly plug this any further :wink: ) This is all coming to be from the promises I made to Brad before we lost him.

I found this wonderful site after losing my best friend, Brad, to lung cancer 2 yrs ago December 10. He was only 31, never smoked, a health nut and all around wonderful person.

Thanks Katie and Rick for providing all of us with a place to call our own as well as a place to come to when we need to be with people who can truly understand.

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Hi I'm Wendy:

born in England

moved to Canada & lived there 30 years

moved to Florida and lived here 22 years

presently married to Maurice, native Floridian, metal artist

I have 2 sons ages 38 & 44 (who needs a kidney transplant)

Maurice has 2 daughters each of whom have been treated for a rare familial cancer of the endocrine system known as MEN2A

Have 6 gandkids between us 6,9,11,15,25,30

Too much cancer in my life:

one grandfather died, nslc

mother died 1995. nsclc

father died 2001, nsclc

2 step daughters treated for MEN2A (OK now)

Husband in treatment stage 3A nsclc

He had previous stage 3 colon cancer 1992 and melanoma 2001

No furry family members yet but looking for one

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I am Lillian. I am a retired caregiver. I live in Redding California one of the most beautiful places on Earth. I live in a Senior Retirement community.

My days are filled with sewing, reading, exercise(still fighting the weight gained after stoped smoking) I don't move nearly as fast as I used to and at times that bothers me but for the most part I get by pretty well.

I still like to cook and spend a lot of time doing some of what I did while working, driving, listening and sometimes cooking for my neighbors.

I have 3 grown children who live in Louisiana. My oldest son's two daughters just made me great grandma within the past year. Caroline who will be one December 20th and Cy who just turned 6 months on the 23rd.

I will be traveling by train to Louisiana to spend the holidays (encluding Mardi Gras)and will not be home until February. I love to travel by train and have flown only twice when extreme conditions made it impossible to avoid.

My grandson goes to LSU and was a little disappointed that they lost last weekend but he is still a big fan.

I would post pictures of the babies and a new picture of myself but can't figure out how to down size my picture enough to fit and have no idea how to post pictures of those precious babies!

I still have some rough days this time of year but for the most part I am content and I guess I could even say happy. Will always miss my Johnny!

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Hello All I'm Rachel,

I live in Grand Junction, CO. which is on the western slope of Colorado.

I have a wonderful husband I have been married to for 13 years. Two beautiful children-Logan (Age 7), Maya (Age 3)

I am a stay at home mom. I thoroughly enjoy volunteering at my children's school and working on scrape books in my free time.

I was diagnosed with NSCLC Oct. 06' and have been fighting it ever since.

We have two cats-Sempre and Snickers and a dog that is a yorkie mix who's name is Sparky.


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