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I Think It's Time For a Roll Call....


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Hello All I'm Rachel,

I live in Grand Junction, CO. which is on the western slope of Colorado.

I have a wonderful husband I have been married to for 13 years. Two beautiful children-Logan (Age 7), Maya (Age 3)

I am a stay at home mom. I thoroughly enjoy volunteering at my children's school and working on scrape books in my free time.

I was diagnosed with NSCLC Oct. 06' and have been fighting it ever since.

We have two cats-Sempre and Snickers and a dog that is a yorkie mix who's name is Sparky.


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I'm Nick - 33 y/o

Live in CT, work in NY

Wife Keri (5 years+)

Little Girl on the way T minus 3 months from now, give or take (if she takes after me, she'll be early...takes after Keri...well...let's say "on time according to her watch."

CPA and Director of Financial Reporting for an insurance broker.

Also President of The Randy Cappiello Foundation, Inc. for the Prevention, Detection and Cure of Lung Cancer.

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I'm John (32), caregiver to my wife Colleen(32) who was dxed in Oct 2006. We live in Pottstown, Pa which is a suburb about 35 miles outside of Philadelphia. I grew up in a small coal mining town in Northeast Pa, Col grew up a city girl in Philly. We met in college, it's a toss up as to who was drunker.

We've been married seven years, and have a son Jack (John III) who turned 3 in October. He is the only thing that seems right in our crazy world, and we find great comfort in just spending time together as a family, even if that means just sitting around on cold days palying with his toys. I'm now trying to teach him to play with my toys (Tiger Woods 08 on PS2) so hopefully I can move past laucnhing fake rocks from a castle catapault at some alien guy we set up on the floor.

I'm thankful to everyone who supports this board and the people who take the time to run it. It has been a great place to come.

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Hi, I'm Teri (44 yrs). I lost my precious husband Bill this past July, one day before his 55th birthday. He participated on the board for a time under the screen name BWARE21.

I live in the Los Angeles area (Woodland Hills to be precise) with my great dane, Mrs. Dickens. I have my niece, nephew-in-law and great niece and nephew just minutes away. My parents are a couple hours away in San Diego County. I'm very close with Bill's children and family, who live in England and Spain.

I'm a writer and a photographer, although the photography has taken a backseat lately. Bill was my biggest cheerleader and I plan to make him proud.

I just participated in my first Lung Cancer fundraising walk for LUNGevity and plan to continue in the fundraising effort to help those currently in the fight, and those who will be in the future.

This board has been a tremendous help, both when seeking support and information, and now in walking on my new path.

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Hi all,

Debi (Deborah), fat, fifty, and female. :wink:

With my beloved Tony (70) for 31 years when he passed away on October 12, 2007 after a 2 1/2 year battle with Stage IV NSCLC. Miss him terribly and always will, plus have the bonus buy of losing a long-term caregiver role. Hard to find a new niche. Floundering these days.

Grew up & still live in the west suburbs of Chicago. Also have a condo on the gulf coast of FL.

I was a stay at home Mom for Jason-30(wife Sandra) res: AZ, Philip-25 1/2 res: home, & Rebecca-25 1/2 res: the city. (Despite what they think, I'm still the MOM.) Also Tony's wonderful daughter Annette, & her children, Kari, Tommy, & Nicholas.

Our dear Aussie, Kodi, died August 2007 (15 yrs 8 mos). Still have the cranky cat Cassie (17). Not looking for any more fur at this time. I'm tempted sometimes, but need the freedom to come and go as I wish.

Have done much volunteer work at church, held public office as Pres. of Bd. of Ed., & worked PT as church secretary.

Lost both parents to cancer -- Mother (61) when I was 27 and Father (67) when I was 32. Also lost Tony's two brother's, one to heart attack at age 59 and the other to undiagnosed primary cancer at age 63.

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Hello all,

I've been visiting here since my husband's diagnosis and truly value the warmth and compassion I have found. My name is Nancy, my hubby is Vern. I'm the manager of a community bank branch, my hubby is a truck driver. I am 58, he is 57 and we have a total of 8 children from our previous marriages, but none of our own. We just celebrated our 8th anniversary. We live in central New Jersey.

It's great to find out more about everyone.

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Continuation of mine from above. Feel the need to share Charlie and our daughters with you once again. This picture was taken about a year before he passed away. He loved to cook and loved his girls. Also, we have 2 border collie-mix dogs, Sammy and Haley. They are brother and sister and are very smart.


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Hi, I'm Lynne.

I have lived in Oklahoma City for 25+ years (but raised as a Texan)

and am a computer specialist for the Federal Aviation Administration.

I am 48 with 49 around the corner.

Jim was my best friend and husband for 28 years

until he passed away on March 31, 2005, at the age of 54.

No kiddies. We had doggies instead.

Sadie passed on after Jim and now it is just

wild child Estee the Terrier and myself carrying on.

She makes me smile and laugh!

I don't post much anymore but it's always

comforting to come hear and see how everyone is doing....

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--35 years old

--I live in Anaheim Hills, California.


--Have month year old twins via surrogacy: biologically ours, just had to have someone else "babysit" them 9 months.

--Both mom and dad have lung cancer. Mom is a 4 year survivor, stage IIIA, and dad is a 1 year BAC survivor.

--Attorney who is now a domestic engineer (ie, stay at home mom)

--Met tons and tons of great people here!

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I'm Stephanie...31 years old, born and raised in Lancaster, Pennsylvania...Amish Country.

I have a beautiful and sassy little girl named Sarah Joy, who is three and a half years old. I have been a single mom since before she was born, and I thank the Lord every day that she is mine.

I lost my dad to NSCLC in February of this year...less than four months after his diagnosis. I am still reeling from the shock of it, and will never stop missing him.

We have two crazy dogs...a border collie named Daisy who is sweet and neurotic and who barks at everything and nothing all day long; and Buddy, our 100-pound chocolate lab who is truly a gentle giant and the most playful dog I have ever known. He was my dad's pride and joy and is like a living memorial to him...I am thankful he's mine...but the dogs are very overhwelming and a lot for me to take care of.

I work as a waitress at a very cool little brewpub near my home, and will be starting college in a few months. Pretty scary, but I feel ready for a change.

I visit this board every day, but rarely post anything anymore. I think this is an amazing group of people and I am very thankful to have found this site.


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I am 37, wife and mother of a 5 year old. I was dx with Stage IIIB NSCLC in Dec of 04.

I currently teach band part time at Bellevue Baptist in Memphis. My hubby is also a teacher...

Living large and loving life with God leading the way!!!

God Bless!!


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Jen (31)

Mother of two quite fiesty kids....Zach (almost 5), Lilli (2)

Wife to Shawn...my best friend.

Daughter to Keith (SCLC) and Gaylene...my biggest cheeleaders who have needed MY cheerleading these past 2 years.

Instructor of Teacher Education, South Dakota State University

Blessed by God, everyday.

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how fun!


Woodside, Queens, New York City

union-side labor lawyer

1 son, 6 months (and 2 days) old, married to David the Irish for exactly one year tomorrow!

mom Suki is a 7+ year NSCLC survivor. also have a brother, Justin. and a dad Joel, who is my BFF, although he hasn't been Suki's husband for close to 30 years.

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Yellowknife, Canada

46 year old male celebrating 25th wedding anniversay on Dec. 11.

3 kids, 23f,21f,and 18m

Mother ( 64 ) and brother ( 52 ) both passed away from LC

Manager with the City

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I am Rochelle. Married to John for 29 years, he passed away on Halloween.

I am the CEO of a non-profit corporation that works with individuals with disabilities and mental illness.

I have 3 children- Tyler age 20, Caitlin 16, and Jillian 8 all at home. As Tyler says, "we have 2 Koreans and 1 homemade." The Jillinator was a surprise after adopting. They have a dog Cody and a ferret on the Christmas list (not happening). :wink:

We are all floundering around trying to get by without John -- to soon to tell how we're doing.

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I am Leslie from deep south Georgia. I inherited two more dogs after my Mom passed yesterday and now have 4 dogs and 2 cats. Also have a brother who is here with me now...for a few days. Then I have to get through all that remains to be done with Mom's estate--not to mention Christmas.

I work as a medical lab tech and have to go back to work with the doctor and nurses that took care of Mom at the hospital where she left me and that awful disease behind. I am at peace with that but haunted by her pain and misery at the end.

Not doing too well tonight...maybe I should wait to post. :cry:

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Hi everyone,

Thank you Ann for doing this... I always wondered what people did for a living. How deversified are our members on here.

I have been married to Joel going on 39 yrs. He is a LC survivor for 3 years.

We have 2 children, Jason 34, Nicole 32, neither are married. If you know me from here, you will know how much I want to be a grandmother :roll:

I worked as a sales Rep for Gillette for 21 years and when they were sold to P&G I was one of the lucky ones who they kept on. They have been my employer now for 2 years. I was 1 of 71 sales people they kept on from Gillette. Gillette had over 200.

I have a cat Kelsey who is 18 and still friskey but I think she has alzheimers... she keeps thinking I don't feed her! She loves Joel and is always by his side. But Iam the one who feeds her.... go figure..

Oh, I was born and raised in Philly and moved to South Jersey when we got married back in 69'

My music is classic rock. Pink Floyd, Eagles, Yes, Moody Blues, The Who, Led Zeplin and love Billy Joel. Been to zillions of concerts in the 60's and 70's at the Spectrum. Went to Woodstock.

I am an avid Eagles fan ( Pats are beatable, ha!)

Involved with Lungevity walk in South Jersey for the last 3 years. Raised close to $6000.00

I guess that's about it.

This site has been a lifesaver for me. Love Katie and Rick for making this happen.

Be good to yourself,

Maryanne :wink:

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age 60

Professional volunteer. My proudest volunteer job by far is that I'm part of the Boston Walk and we've raised over a quarter of a million dollars in the past 2 years

6year survivor of limited sclc

British by birth but Canadian (24years) and American (13years) by Adoption.

Married 37 years to a lovely man who didn't tell me that he was a nomad (albiet a blonde Brit).We have one daughter Karen and son-in-law Rocco who are the reason we now live in Marlborough, MA., in our eigth house and 13th address (not counting the hotel suite we now live in part time in VT during this transistion)

I am currently a 8 month survivor of stage II breast cancer, my last chemo was today (yesterday) and next week I go to make the arrangements for my radiation. This has not been the best year of my life so far (moving 2 weeks after a second surgery was no fun) but I've survived and aim to continue surviving until I am truly an old woman - I have not repaid my daughter for her teenage years yet!!

Hope I didn't put too many of you to sleep with this saga :roll::roll::lol::lol:


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Age: 55

Married to my wife Kathy-- a very kind and gentle person for 32 years.

Have a wonderful (by far the biggest accomplishment in my life) daughter Tina-- OUR PRIDE AND JOY!

Was in the IT field for over 30 years before retiring.

Met Geri through the board and we started the Boston (raised over 250,000 dollars)Walk.

Five and a half year survivor of Stage IV NSCLC Bac Lung Cancer-- not looking back, only forward.

Big sports fans-- been following Pats and Red Sox for over 45 years.

3 cats.

Been very blessed/fortunate to have a wonderful family to be here for me-- life is good all things considered.

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Ned (short for my Czech last name), age 74, Hawaii resident the past 37 years. Live in Mililani (Central Oahu).

Grew up in Texas, received two music degrees from North Texas State College (now the University of North Texas), entered the Air Force in 1957, stayed in 21 years. Duty stations in Florida, Oklahoma, Georgia, and Okinawa (with deployments to Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, and Japan), then West Virginia and Hawaii. Flew for Hawaii commuter airlines 1978-88, owned and operated a small offset printing shop in Central Oahu 1989-2003, still do some digital (laser) printing in the garage for longtime customers, and handle the website for the Central Oahu Caregivers' Support Group which my wife co-founded in 1997:


Married to a local Hawaii girl (Japanese heritage) for 32 years, and we have one grown son living in Hawaii. I also have two daughters from my previous marriage -- one in Michigan, and one who alternates between Florida and Tennessee. Also a granddaughter who is a senior at Michigan State University.

The photos show my two favorite airplanes:

The first is a picture of me in an RF-101 photo reconnaissance ("recce") jet on a training flight near Okinawa in 1965. These reliable machines took me safely from our Thailand base to various parts of North Vietnam and back 100 exciting times. "Alone, unarmed, and un..." -- well, let's leave it at two out of three.

The other photo shows a Cessna 402 belonging to Royal Hawaiian Air Service, where I worked for 8 memorable years. In addition to local residents and tourists, we flew many celebrities -- sometimes on special charters, more often just mixed in with the regular passengers. Our flights were usually "single pilot," and we allowed a responsible passenger to ride in the copilot seat. One day my copilot was Jimmy Doolittle!


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I'm Jackie (Jacqueline)

79 soon 80 Canadian.

from Sherbrooke (Quebec) Canada

since 2002.

Married to Mike (Michael Patrick)

for 43 years till his death from lc on October

13th 2003. Irish from Dun Cannon, Ireland.

No children and no furry pet since 2002.

Still do volunteer work with cancer patients

and a non profit organization.


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My name is Grace, I am 41 and from Dayton, Ohio.

I lost both parents to lung cancer. My father John, 1983 and my mother Mildred, 2003.

I am currently a SAHM. In the past I worked in the wild life department at the muesuem of natural history. Worked with everything from raccoons to linx. I also did dog grooming for several years.

I am married to Dave, my soul mate for almost 26 years. We have four wonderful children Keith, 24 , Kelly, 21, Kevin, 19 and Katie, 16.

We have lots of furbaby's Two horses Cheyenne and Gypsy. Two saint bernards Destiny and Brutus one sheperd Sugar. Two cats Luna and Niblet.

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Auburn, Alabama ([color=orange][/color]WAR EAGLE!)

Communication Specialist for a Software Development firm. Much of our work in is the medical field, but I'm not a medical specialist.

I am an adjuct faculty member at Auburn University

I also run a small political consulting firm and am active in Alabama politics.

Single, no kids, one cat.

Mom Dx with Stage IV Lung Cancer January 5, 2007.

Raised in Wilmington, NC where my parents still live.

Doting Aunt to two nieces 19 and 15.

Fantatic football fan (Auburn) and basketball Fan (NC State).

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