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My Surgery Is Set!

Connie B

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Hi Friends,

Well, the big day for surgery is set. December 19th is the date! I have to be at the U of M at 5:30 a.m. and surgery will start around 7:00 a.m. Pre-op is Dec 5 and if that all goes well, (I'm sure it will) I'm good to go the 19th. It's all set up!

You know when it rains it pours?? Well, my poor hubby Maurie is also in tough shape here. His back (3 bad disks) is really getting worse. (this stuff came on over night) :shock: And just today, we talked to his Cardiologist about what he could do for it, and the Card Doc said, NOTHING for at least ONE YEAR after Maurie's heart-attack. He had his heart attack this summer in July! :roll::( I feel sooooo bad for him, because he is really in pain. He is getting some SLIGHT relief from our Chrioprator and he is going to start on a pain patch. Pain meds aren't working. Nope he can't have cortizone either because of his heart meds. He's worried about me, and I'm worried about him! OY VEY! I know we'll get through this.

It should be VERY interesting around here after my surgery. We already have lots of offers for help. GOD BLESS GOOD FRIENDS AND FAMILY!

So, this is the game plan. They will go in and give me a new Mitral Valve in my heart and maybe fix a blockage if he has time. It's about a 6 hour surgery.

Thanks everyone for your love and support. I honestly can't tell you how much you are appreciated! God Bless Us All! (((GROUP HUG)))

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Alright Connie, you got it all set up, now we just have to wait until you're back on your feet. Best of luck, and make sure you update us as soon as you can.

Too bad about your husband, I know my uncle put off surgery as long as he could just by using the cortizone shots, which he said were the best.

If it's not one thing it's another I suppose. Best to you both.

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Sadly Maurie can't have cortizone shots because of his heart meds. He can't do anything (surgery or cortizone shots) until next July according to his Cardiologits. One Year from his heartattack. :roll::( The reason he can't have cortizone is, they have to stop all his heart meds for 10 days and then they could give him the cort shot. BUT, he can't go off any of his heart meds until July of next year. He had 4 stents put in this July to open up his 3 blockages from his heartattack.

We're going to try the pain patches for he pain in his thigh! He said it's like a sharp knife pain and it won't stop. I just feel so bad for him.

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Have the date burned into my brain for mega prayers, Connie. I've got a party hat handy ~ just in case you decide to get yours out too. Try to think of this as one LAST hurrah and then all will be right with Ms. Connie. Now if we can just get that pain of hubby straightened out you guys would be dancing in the streets.

Much luck and love and MANY (((HUGS))), Connie.


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I will write more about Maurie tonight,

I know what he is going through

I have the same trouble and a wait of a year

before I can get the cortisone

infiltration (just the mean system here)

He could lay on his good side leg stretch out

with a pillow under the knee of the leg that

is painful (leg half bent) he should get relief

from some of the pain this way and be able to


Could he take a pill with *Methocarbamal*

400mg in it? usually it is with acetaminophen

500mg and it relaxes the muscle...it is helping

me with the pain, the patches don't help.

You need each other and at least I can try

to help one with the pain and the other one

with prayers and good wishes.

Connie the date December 19th is marked already

and all my best wishes with prayers will be with

you for the operation, before during and after

till you let us know you are fine.



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(((Connie & Maurie))),

You both have my prayers. Connie , I put your surgery date on my calendar. The 19th is already a very special day.. it's my Mom's 79th birthday and Mom is doing very well at the moment and so will you. We will make sure of it. Sorry about poor Maurie... Hope something can be done to alleviate the pain for him. Please keep us informed and know you have lots and lots of prayers coming your way.



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Connie....my dear friend...so happy that the date is set for your surgery so you can get this over with and be on the road again..I don't have to tell you...you are such an inspiration to all of us...we need you back here ASAP....so big big prayers coming your way for a quick and speedy recovery...

So sorry about hubby too...dang!!...prayers for the both of you...


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