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The Battle


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Yesterday my father's internist asked how I was doing. My dad said he always asks about me. I thought that was nice. His Dr. then asked how my battle was going. My reply to my dad was, "I'm done with my battle", but then said, "maybe the battle is never finished", and my dad agreed.

Just curious about your thoughts, thanks. :)

Hope you are all doing well.


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Hi Elyse, I don’t know that we are ever really done with the battle when once diagnosed with CA. But I do know we are “CA survivors” and that’s the way I like to think of myself. I learned this from the group. Even tho my CA came back and I have gone through one 6 mo. Round of chemo and am now starting another treatment tomorrow, I have survived this CA for 1 yr. 2 mo. Since my L lobectomy. This gives me such a much more positive attitude. I learn so much reading all in the group here that is so encouraging and inspirational. So many are CA free at present or in remission and they each one give me so much hope and faith. One thing we all know is that God is very present with us and He gives us the strength we need for each new day. These are just my thoughts here, would like to hear what the others have to say too! I know I was CA free after my surgery and 4 ½ mo. later it came back one me, but that doesn’t mean I can’t conquer this CA too, its just that my battle is still going but I’m not alone and I will win this battle too! :) Love and hugs, Sally

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Strong topic...

Battle with cancer..

Originally I felt that it was a battle and that we are in the fight for our life... Then I have read where cancer survivors should not use the "fight" terminology because it gives the cancer too much power.

I still think it is a battle and we battle everyday.. The really good thing is that I have quite the army backing me up.

God Bless!!


I am very anxious to see other reponses on the subject.

Oh yea..As you continue to win on your own terms, you become empowered!!! Empowerment is bliss!!

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I think it's a battle when this journey into lung cancer begins and we're going through our treatments. It's a hell of a battle! But after we have battled this monster out of our bodies I think we are the WINNING WORRIARS!!

I haven't looked at it as a battle for well over 9 years now. We battle a lot of things in life, even traffic during rush hour! :roll::wink:

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I don't like the word battle, We are humans & those things that we have inside are little :twisted::evil:,why people who have diabetis don't said battle??? Why we have to give this things the importance that they dont desrve??? We are strong,and with cancer but we will survive.

hugs & love bucky

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I don't think anyone is really ever completely cured. As this monster can show its face at any time. When you are diagnoised as NED or in remission just enjoy it.

If it is possible, take one day at a time and live life to its fullest like there is no tomorrow.

But if you want to consider yourself cured then by all means believe it. There is a sayng "Whatever the mind can believe it can achieve" Of course that doesn't always happen but nothing wrong with believing that. Any positive attitude is a PLUS...

Just remember though, you ARE an LC surviror as you are still here to consider yourself one.

Maryanne :wink:

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Thank you all for your responses.

I'm not very good at putting my feelings into words, so many of you are. I really enjoy reading your posts.

You are all incredibly strong, encouraging, inspirational, positive Survivors, and I'm glad to be a part of this!

My nephew (8 yr) once said to me, "Daddy (my brother-in-law) said you're Wonderwoman because you "beat" cancer!" I think of this often. :)

Thank you all,


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