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CXR results

Cindy RN

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Well the cxr results were clear, no pneumonia. That is always good news. The other symptoms are still present but I have a CT schedualed for the week before Thanksgiving so I am going to wait til then. Thanks to all who wrote back such encouraging words. I know I need to put the pom poms down and maybe one day I will be able to. Right now tho I usually feel well enough to do just about anything here at home. Until the time comes and I can not keep it up THEN I will have to let up. I have a great family and I know when the time comes they will be able to step up. BUT as many of you -and I went thru it myself with my own mom, it is hard to lose a parent.

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Happy to hear your cxr came back good. Will be praying for you for a clean CT... Let the family spoil you. I am not a nurse, but I do have a cousin who is at the Baylor Heart Clinic in Houston and she keeps her pom poms close by also with her family. Blessings to you.


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